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(YouTuber, Satanist, Political commentator)
Styxhexenhammer666 in a video in July 2021.
BornTarl Warwick
20 January 1988
Vermont, USA
Victim of • Demonetization
• Internet censorship
Interests • Deep politics
• Libertarianism
• Populism
An American libertarian YouTuber.

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In office
28 November 2008 - Present

Styxhexenhammer666 is an American YouTuber. He is a libertarian and former satanist who makes videos talking about politics.


Tarl Warwick, your friendly satanist next door. Once asked by Jay Dyer, if he is a member of the 666 mafia, he answers: "I don't even know what that refers to."[1]

Thanks to his username, everybody sharing his videos does so under the number 666, which in itself does not mean anything for most, but for occultists and satanists it does.


His most popular video is entitled Being an Ex Satanist: Why I Left Satanism Behind and What Satanism Means.[2]

He was one of the few proponents of the "4D Chess" theory during the PewDiePie ADL controversy.[3]

During COVID-19 he criticised vaccine mandates and lockdowns.