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Concept.png Satanism 
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Satanism are ideological and philosophical beliefs based on Satan and/or supernatural evil. Some adherents may argue that Satan is: "a symbol of pride and individualism".[1] By the 2020s it is going more mainstream in the US.[2][3][4]


“I do believe that what you refer to as power networks, otherwise known as secret societies, are occult in nature. The symbolism can be seen everywhere, if you choose not to maneuver your way through the world deaf, dumb and blind. And I believe that it has been that way for a very long time. As for them being Satanic, I suppose it depends upon how you define Satanic. I personally don’t believe the teachings of either Satanism or Christianity, which are really just opposite sides of the same coin. I don’t believe that there is a God or a devil, and I don’t believe that those on the upper rungs of the ladder on either side believe so either. These are belief systems that are used to manipulate the minds of impressionable followers. In the case of Satanism, it is, to me, a way to covertly sell a fascist mindset, which is the direction the country, and the rest of the world, is moving. Those embracing the teachings think they are rebelling against the system, but they are in reality reinforcing it. Just as the hippies did. And just as so-called Patriots and Anarchists are. I don’t believe there has been a legitimate resistance movement in this country for a very long time.”
David McGowan (28 March 2014)  [5]


Many aspects of Occultism are closely linked with Satanism. Some occult practices involve the belief that bodies of the dead or parts thereof offer special powers.[6][7][8][9][10]



Page nameDescription
McMartin PreschoolThe day care scandal that started the so-called "satanic panic" of the 80s. Covered up.
Order of Nine AnglesModern satanic cult with members who want to get people killed.
Ritual abuse
The Hand of DeathA cult which many serial killers in the US may have been connected to.


Adherents on Wikispooks

Michael A. Aquino16 October 19461 September 2019US spook, psyop specialist, satanist
Aleister Crowley12 October 18751 December 1947Well known British occultist with wide reaching, but little known about cultural influence.
Anton LaVey11 April 193029 October 1997Founding figure of modern satanism.
Styxhexenhammer66620 January 1988An American libertarian YouTuber.


Related Quotations

Germany/VIPaedophile“And children from the GDR. From political prisoners. This was the year 1977. Again and again survivors with similar experiences like Angela Lenz tell that the borders of the GDR were open for these children. The GDR borders were only open when the STASI knew about it.”Ulla Fröhling
Ritual abuse“In the Netherlands, if a child or adult discloses ritual abuse, then by law, the case must be referred to a panel who manages "false allegations". The allegations are mothballed - not a single case referred to the panel has been prosecuted in over two decades. The panel has stated publicly that there is no evidence of ritual abuse in existence. This is patently false. There are criminal prosecutions for sexual offences involving ritual abuse dating back to the 1980s in a range of countries, including serious multi-perpetrator cases. I stated in the documentary that I've personally seen crime scenes splashed in animal blood and occult symbols, and injuries to the bodies of victims. This claim has apparently caused quite a stir in the Netherlands. But I've written and spoken about this publicly for 15 years.”Michael Salter24 July 2020
Styxhexenhammer666“[...] this is from the Satanic Temple, I got some good things to say about them, but they are not exactly doctrinal in the original spirit of what is athestic satanism, but ill get into that as well [...] If you know anything of the history of, what we would consider canonical LaVeyin style satanism, and they are, these aren't devil worshipers, these are atheists effectively trying to troll Christians. They typically focus on constitutional and civic things, that [unintelligible] I can respect, they are the ones that put up the baphomet statue there [...]”Styxhexenhammer66617 January 2022


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Document:Former Satanist: ‘I performed satanic rituals inside abortion clinics’Interview9 September 2015Zachary King
Lepanto Institute
File:SATANIC CULT AWARENESS.pdfreport27 January 1993Gayland W. Hurst
Robert L. Marsh
This training manual is the result of compiling information from several years of occult investigations including volumes of written documentations from several investigators across the nation.
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