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Concept.png Populism 
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The Yellow vests movement are an example of 21st-century populism.
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An ideology that opposes The Establishment.

Populism is the anecdote to Globalism. It is comprised of people power.

The corporate media is unable to understand it, or report on populist movements honestly. The Establishment derides populism as "racist", "fascist" etc.


Selected Examples



Page nameDescription
Maxime BernierMaverick politician; former MP and Minister; Leader of the People's Party of Canada, campaigning for COVID-19/Resistance.
FrexitFrance leaving the European Union.
Yellow vests movementA series of mass demonstrations in France which expressed the dissatisfaction with the political process. Subject to increasingly violent repression.


A Populism victim on Wikispooks

Liz CheneyRepublican politician from Wyoming. Daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.


Party Member

Bo Gritz18 January 1939
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