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Person.png Tariq Aziz  Rdf-icon.png
(Journalist, politician)
Born Mikhail Yuhanna
Tel Keppe, Iraq
Died 2015-06-05 (Age 79)
Nasiriyah, Iraq
Nationality Iraqi
Religion Christian
Children 4
Spouse Violet Yusef Nobud
Party Arab Socialist Ba'ath,  (until 1966),  Baghdad-based Ba'ath,  (1966–1982) (,  Ba'ath – Iraq Region,  )
Former Iraqi foreugn minister and deputy prime minister under President Saddam Hussein

Employment.png Member of the Revolutionary Command Council

In office
16 July 1979 - 9 April 2003

Tariq Aziz, born Mikhail Yuhanna, baptized Manuel Christo; 28 April 1936 – 5 June 2015) was Iraqi Foreign Minister (1983–1991) and Deputy Prime Minister (1979–2003) and a close advisor of President Saddam Hussein. Their association began in the 1950s when both were activists for the then-banned Ba'ath Party. Although he was an Arab Nationalist he was in fact an ethnic Chaldean, and a member of the Chaldean Catholic Church.[1][2][3]

He died in an Iraqi prison after 12 years of shameful treatment and medical neglect at the hands of the western sponsored government that was installed following the 2003 Iraq war


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