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Group.png Wesleyan University  
TypePrivate liberal arts college
Other nameCardinals


Alumni on Wikispooks

John Perry Barlow3 October 19477 February 2018USMusician
Douglas Bennet23 June 193810 June 2018USAttended the 1994 Bilderberg as Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs
Michael Bennet28 November 1964USPolitician
US/2020 Presidential election/Candidates
Candidate in the 2020 US presidential election. Son of Douglas J. Bennet, a Bilderberger and suspected spook.
Charles A. Briggs1 August 19264 November 2015Spook
Deep state actor
As the 3rd highest ranking CIA officer, he produced an affidavit, known by many CIA spooks to be mendacious, but which was only exposed after about 20 years.
Walter Cutler25 November 1931USDiplomat
Deep state operative
US senior diplomat. His career postings hints at close cooperation with the intelligence services and deep state interests.
Karen DonfriedUSSpookUS spook, German Marshall Fund President 2014-2021
Katherine Forrest13 February 1964JudgeNY Judge in the cases 'U.S.A. v. Ulbricht', where she refused the defense attorney's efforts to get facts about corrupt DEA agents into the court record; and in 'Hedges v. Obama'.
Scott Gottlieb11 June 1972USDoctor
Food and Drug Administration leader, then over to Pfizer.
John Hickenlooper7 February 1952USPolitician
US politician and businessman
Robert Hunter1940USDiplomat
Deep state actor
Has played a national policy role in eight U.S. presidential election campaigns and written speeches and articles for presidential candidates, three U.S. Presidents four Vice Presidents, Secretaries of State and Defense, Senators, Representatives and other political figures. As United States Ambassador to NATO during the Clinton Administration, he was principal architect and negotiator of the post-Cold War "new NATO" and of the NATO airstrike decisions in the Bosnian War.
Alexander Inglis24 November 18791924USAcademicAmerican early 20th century author and educator. His scholarship largely shaped modern public schools and continues to be influential. Criticized by John Taylor Gatto.
Charles James2 May 1954USLawyer
Revolving door lawyer for big oil. Attended Bilderberg 2002.
Dave Lindorff1949Author
American reporter, filmmaker, a columnist for CounterPunch
John Lipsky19 February 1947USEconomist
Central banker
Single Bilderberger. Briefly acted as Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
James Loy10 August 1942Soldier
Coast Guard and Homeland Security boss who went over to Lockheed-Martin
Nicholas RasmussenUS"Terror expert"Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) 2014-2017.
Jonathan Soros10 September 1970USFinancier
Steven Trott12 December 1939Lawyer
Jacob Walles1957USDiplomatUS Diplomat specialising in the Arab-Israeli conflict and Middle-Eastern affairs
Walter Wriston3 August 191919 January 2005USBanker
Chairman of Citigroup 1970-84
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