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Person.png Harold Elletson   Companies HouseRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(politician, spook, deep state operative)
Harold Elletson.jpg
Born8 December 1960
Founder ofIntegrity Initiative/Cluster/Austria, Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Germany
Member ofInstitute for Statecraft, Institute for Statecraft/Tor team, Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Austria, Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Germany, Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Leaders
MI6, MP, Integrity Initiative, New Society Foundation

Employment.png Member of Parliament for Blackpool North

In office
1992 - 1997
MI6, later Integrity Initiative

Dr. Harold Daniel Hope Elletson is politician, spook and UK Deep state operative, whom Sputnik News termed a "veteran MI6 operative".[1] He chaired Security and Defence Learning conferences and is a member of the Institute for Statecraft/Integrity Initiative.


Harold Elletson was the Conservative Party MP for Blackpool North from 1992-1997. He joined the UK Liberal Democrats in 2002. He chaired of the New Security Foundation, where in 2010 he worked with IfS director Chris Donnelly and Jeff McCausland (also IfS), Piotr Gawliczek and Almeida Moura.[2]


On 22 December 1996 The Observer newspaper claimed Elletson moonlighted as an MI6 agent: the headline read "Pro-Serb Tory MP was MI6 Agent". The newspaper said he was recruited before he entered the House of Commons, working for the intelligence agency in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia:

"After visiting Yugoslavia in 1992, Mr Elletson notified his MI6 handlers that donations were reaching the Conservative Party from Serbia. MI6 received special sanction from the Prime Minister (John Major) for Mr Elletson to continue his secret role after his election in 1992. He carried out his unpaid intelligence work in Eastern Europe while representing the electors of Blackpool: he also ran an extensive network of private business interests in the region, while using his public position to mount a controversial defence of the Serb regime.".[3][4]

He joined the Liberal Democrats in 2002.[5]

Baku 1993

In an article published by the Dailymail and Mail on Sunday in 2007, which possibly has been deleted and removed from archives on a D-Notice,[6] Mr Elletson is mentioned to have been visiting Baku in 1993 as a guest of BP, at a time when many lucrative deals were made in the former soviet territory. The title of the article was: "Hookers, spies, cases full of dollars...how BP spent Ł45m to win 'Wild East' oil rights".[7][8][9][10][11]

Institute for Statecraft

Full article: Rated 5/5 Institute for Statecraft
Institute for Statecraft logo.png

Elletson was listed as the point person for a meeting on Thursday 15th March 2018 at the Institute for Statecraft HQ in London, according to a draft event document leaked from the Integrity Initiative. The guest was scheduled to be Donald Duke, former Governor of Cross Rivers State, Nigeria.

"Round Table Discussion: Mr Duke is very likely to be a candidate in the next presidential elections in Nigeria and is keen to discuss both the situation in West Africa, relations with Britain and Europe, and wider political issues (eg terrorism, corruption, fraud etc)."

New Society Foundation

Security and Defence Learning‎‎

Security and Defence Learning 2008.png
Full article: Stub class article Security and Defence Learning‎‎

Elletson chaired the 8 annual Security and Defence Learning‎‎, from 2005 to 2012. These explicitly addressed the purported dangers of "terrorism".


Events Participated in

Security and Defence Learning/200530 November 200530 November 2005Berlin
Hotel InterContinental
The first in a sequence of 8 annual conferences on "defence" and "security", chaired by Harold Elletson.
Security and Defence Learning/200629 November 200629 November 2006Berlin
Hotel InterContinental
2nd of a series of 8 spooky conferences
Security and Defence Learning/200728 November 200728 November 2007Berlin
Hotel InterContinental
Third of a series of 8 spooky conferences
Security and Defence Learning/20083 December 20083 December 2008Berlin
Hotel InterContinental
Security and Defence Learning/20092 December 20092 December 2009Berlin
Hotel InterContinental
Security and Defence Learning/20101 December 20101 December 2010Berlin
Hotel InterContinental
A conference about training people for "defence" and "security" that featured at least 3 members of the Institute for Statecraft
Security and Defence Learning/201130 November 201130 November 2011Berlin
Hotel InterContinental
Security and Defence Learning/201228 November 201229 November 2012Berlin
Hotel InterContinental
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