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Concept.png Fraud 
Interest of• Corona Investigative Committee
• Pieter Omtzigt
Deliberate deception to secure unfair gain.



Page nameDatePerpetratorsDescription
"Continuity of Government"
"Debt crisis"Debt crisis/Perpetrators
"Economic crisis"Economic crisis/PerpetratorsEconomic crises are pretty regular events, and are depicted as quasi-natural phenomena such as earthquakes of floods, as if everyone loses as a result of such phenomena. However, real wealth is not destroyed, but is transferred from the financially poor to the financially rich.
"Korean War/CIA brainwashing spin"
"Peace dividend"
"War on Drugs"War on Drugs/PerpetratorsA social control strategy that provides a lot of off-the-books funding for the US Deep state in particular. As a strategy of tension, it has served to scapegoat minorities and is used as a pretext for social militarization and the removal of civil liberties.
'A Gay Girl In Damascus''A Gay Girl In Damascus'/PerpetratorsA false media personality to create a mood in Western liberal opinion for regime change in Syria
2016 Hurriyah car bombing hoax2016 Hurriyah car bombing hoax/PerpetratorsA real bomb in the Hurriyah area of Baghdad reported as having killed people by commercially-controlled media but exposed as a hoax after CCTV footage appeared online.
9-11/Israel did it/Israeli art scam
Al-Yamamah arms dealAl-Yamamah arms deal/PerpetratorsA complex series of multi billion dollar arms for oil deals set up under the government of Margaret Thatcher, involving a bunch of deep state arms dealers, and her son - who earned £12 million. Fines levied have been in the hundreds of millions, while kickbacks amount to billions.
Coordinated programs of coercive influence
Destruction of evidence
Document:Ukrainian soldiers' organs tradedAn apparent hoax about hacked correspondence between Donbass Battalion commander, Yulia Tymoshenko's lawyer and a German medical practitioner evidencing a burgeoning trade in the organs of Ukrainian soldiers
Financial fraud
Freedom DayBoris Johnson19 July 2021 was supposed to be the end of COVID restrictions in England; instead the introduction of vaccine passports was announced.
Great Oil Sniffer HoaxGreat Oil Sniffer Hoax/PerpetratorsA fraudulent scheme purporting to be able to detect oil by a new technology. Details remain rather obscure.
Learned helplessness
Mind fucking
Mortgage fraud
Nugan Hand BankCIA front used to launder heroin money and fund the 1975 coup in Australia
Office of International Treasury Control
Official opposition narrative
Parallel Construction
Pergau Dam affairPergau Dam affair/PerpetratorsA "fateful arms-for-aid deal" signed off at the highest level.
Psychopathy/Psychopathy and staged events
Real estate fraud
Rigged science
Ritual at CERNRitual at CERN/Perpetrators
Saudi Arabia/Visa fraudSaudi Arabia/Visa fraud/Perpetrators
Selective enforcement
Sheep dipping


Related Quotations

George Carlin“(in New York) I really haven't seen this many people in one place since they took the group photographs of all the criminals and lawbreakers in the Ronald Reagan Administration. Two-hundred and twenty-five of 'em, so far! 225 different people in the Ronald Reagan administration have either quit, been fired, arrested, indicted, or convicted of either breaking the law or violating the ethics code! These are the same people who were elected with the help of the moral majority. Elected with the help of the moral majority and the Teamsters union. That's a good combination! Organized religion and organized crime working together to help build a better America.”George Carlin
MLK“He who lives with untruth lives in spiritual slavery. Freedom is still the bonus we receive for knowing the truth.”MLK
Psychopathy“Even in the face of contrary evidence, the psychopath can lie so well that listeners doubt themselves first, rather than question the psychopath.”Robert Hare
Paul Babiak
Psychopathy/Psychopathy and staged events“It is only beneath the surface, well hidden from view, that darker tendencies lie.”Robert Hare
Paul Babiak
Jacob Rees-MoggMasks are worn more by socialists when there are television cameras around than when they are not going to be seen.”Jacob Rees-Mogg21 October 2021


Convicted of Fraud

Michael Cohen25 August 1966Lawyer
A fraudulent US lawyer "who came out of nowhere to occupy a prominent spot in Trump’s orbit," found dead in 2021.
Willem Matser1952NetherlandsSpook
Deep state functionary
Third rail topic
Willem Matser was a NATO official close to Lord Robertson, NATO’s 10th Secretary General, who was charged with various offences in connection with a $200m drug related money laundering operation between Colombia and Romania.


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