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A former country in Cold War Europe consisting of six constituent republics. The rise of the nationalistic division causing its final war has controversial origins.

The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia or simply Yugoslavia, was a country in Southeast and Central Europe that existed from its foundation in the aftermath of World War II until its dissolution in 1992 amid the Yugoslav Wars. It was a socialist state and a federation governed by the League of Communists of Yugoslavia.

Official narrative

Collapsed due to internal balkanisation/ethnic tensions...

Alternative theories

Michael Parenti (and a host of other commentators) suggest that Yugoslavia was deliberately targeted for destruction since the government was demonstrating a successful alternative to the Western style "democracy".


At the 1991 Bilderberg Peter D. Sutherland moderated a discussion on Yugoslavia, and the panelists were Gianni De Michelis and Franz Vranitzky.


Related Quotations

Open Society Foundations“The conventional view, shared by many on the left, is that socialism collapsed in eastern Europe because of its systemic weaknesses and the political elite's failure to build popular support. That may be partly true, but Soros's role was crucial. From 1979, he distributed $3m a year to dissidents including Poland's Solidarity movement, Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia and Andrei Sakharov in the Soviet Union. In 1984, he founded his first Open Society Institute in Hungary and pumped millions of dollars into opposition movements and independent media. Ostensibly aimed at building up a "civil society", these initiatives were designed to weaken the existing political structures and pave the way for eastern Europe's eventual colonisation by global capital. Soros now claims, with characteristic immodesty, that he was responsible for the "Americanisation"; of eastern Europe. ...

The Yugoslavs remained stubbornly resistant [to the sponsored free market revolution in Eastern Europe] and repeatedly returned Slobodan Milosevic's unreformed Socialist Party to government. Soros was equal to the challenge. From 1991, his Open Society Institute channelled more than $100m to the coffers of the anti-Milosevic opposition, funding political parties, publishing houses and "independent"; media such as Radio B92, the plucky little student radio station of western mythology which was in reality bankrolled by one of the world's richest men on behalf of the world's most powerful nation. With Slobo finally toppled in 2000 in a coup d'etat financed, planned and executed in Washington, all that was left was to cart the ex-Yugoslav leader to the Hague tribunal, co-financed by Soros along with those other custodians of human rights Time Warner Corporation and Disney. He faced charges of crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide, based in the main on the largely anecdotal evidence of (you've guessed it) Human Rights Watch. ...

The sad conclusion is...that....Soros deems a society “open” not if it respects human rights and basic freedoms, but if it is “open” for him and his associates to make money....He thus copied a pattern he has deployed to great effect over the whole of eastern Europe: of advocating “shock therapy” and “economic reform”, then swooping in with his associates to buy valuable state assets at knock-down prices.”
New Statesman
Slovakia“"My foundations contributed to democratic regime change in Slovakia in 1998, Croatia in 1999, and Yugoslavia in 2000, mobilizing civil society to get rid of Vladimir Meciar, Franjo Tudjman, and Slobodan Milosevic, respectively," Soros boasts.”George Soros
Joris Voorhoeve“The British commander took a vacation. Later I asked that general why actually. It was decided, he said. It was clear that Ratko Mladic had the impression that the UN posed no threat to him.”Joris Voorhoeve20 January 2021



Bosnian WarPart of the Yugoslavian Wars, this one had it all as well, rape, NATO war crimes and hidden interests
Kosovo WarAn armed conflict in Kosovo


Citizens of Yugoslavia on Wikispooks

Steven Dedijer25 June 191113 June 2004
Josip Tito7 May 18924 May 1980


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