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Interest ofAnti-Defamation League

Prejudice (literally 'before judgement') is a pejorative to reflect stereotyping.



Page nameDescription
"Antisemitism"An etymological misnomer with no clear meaning. In current widespread use to demonise people deemed to be threatening to cherished Judaic official narratives and to close down rational debate. A more accurate description of those it is applied to would be "people who Jews don't like"
"Hate crime"The phrase "hate crime" is a plastic phrase associated with the "hate speech" effort to stifle free speech on the internet.
Enemy imageA misleading view of a person or people, which hampers reconciliation and real communication
RacismA prejudice based on individuals superficial physical attributes. People have no "race" in the scientific sense.
Religious discrimination
RussophobiaAnti-Russian sentiment, commonly referred to as Russophobia, describes prejudice, fear or hatred against Russia, the Russians, and Russian culture.


Related Quotations

Mark Rutte“Municipalities should be able to target citizens with a certain background specifically. Seemingly that doesn't seem to be legally possible now. It's about time to change the law”Mark Rutte2007
Dominique Samuels“New evidence shows the vaxxed are just as infectious as the unvaxxed. There are no arguments left for vaccine passports. They aren’t scientific, but they are discriminatory and tyrannical. If you still support them, you support discrimination. At least be honest about it!”Dominique Samuels19 August 2021


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