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Concept.png Russophobia 
(prejudice,  phobia)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png

Russophobia is a the irrational fear of Russia. It has a long history.

“The complete and unmitigated irrationality of the current epidemic of Russophobia does nothing to reduce its incredible virulence, as it continues to infect the entire political and media class. There is a zero chance that Russia will launch an attack on the UK, yet the entire corporate and state media is leading today with the “need” to spend billions against that most unlikely threat.”
Craig Murray (22 January 2018)  [1]

RF is not a “normal” country in most senses of the word. Crucially, Russians see life & the world very differently from us. While economics is of course important to them, in the broadest sense Russians are not nearly as driven by economic & financial considerations.”
 (13 January 2015)  [2]

Modern Origins

Stephen Cohen asked in 21st Century Wire on 5 April 2018 Why are Western Leaders & Media Conditioning Their Public to Hate Russia?[3] On 5 November that year, Anonymous leaked documents about the Integrity Initiative which used UK taxpayer funds to create anti-Russian disinformation.[4][5][6]


A Russophobic cartoon from the 1870s

The Red Scare

Cold War

Full article: Cold War

The Cold War was a phase of history after the end of World War II, until the 1990s.

Cold War II

Full article: Cold War II

Cold War II is a 21st century phenomenon, possibly reflecting the desire of the MICC to boost weapons expenditure.


An example

Page nameDescription
Cold War Then and Now?A free conference that appears to have been part of a broader campaign by the Institute for Statecraft to promote Cold War 2.0.


Related Quotations

Institute for Statecraft/PurposesPutin will be around for the foreseeable future - even if he went, what comes after Putin, wouldn't be much better. We believe we will have to face the Russian challenge for many years to come.”Integrity Initiative
PropOrNot“the following are tropes/slurs primarily used by Russian propaganda:
Neocon”, “neoliberal”, “Zionist”, “corporatist”, “warmonger”, “Rothschild”, “imperialist”, & “establishment”.”
7 January 2019
Mark Urban“Mark Urban’s piece for Newsnight tonight was simply disgusting; it did not even pretend to be more than a propaganda piece on behalf of the security services, who had told Urban (as he said) that Yulia Skripal's phone “could have been” tapped by the Russians and they “might even” have listened to her conversations through the microphone in her telephone. That was the “new evidence” that the Russians were behind everything. As a former British Ambassador I can tell you with certainty that indeed the Russians might have tapped Yulia, but GCHQ most definitely would have. It is, after all, their job, and billions of our taxes go into it. If tapping of phones is seriously presented as evidence of intent to murder, the British government must be very murderous indeed.”Craig Murray
Mark Urban
5 July 2018


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