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Chartist meeting, Kennington Common.jpg
April 10: "Monster Rally" of Chartists held on Kennington Common in London; the first photograph of a crowd depicts it.
1848 was a year of bourgeois revolutions across Europe.

1848 is historically famous for the wave of revolutions, a series of widespread struggles for more liberal governments, which broke out from Brazil to Hungary; although most failed in their immediate aims, they significantly altered the political and philosophical landscape and had major ramifications throughout the rest of the century.


Ongoing events



Pax Brittanica18151915
Victorian era18401901


New Groups

Lazard FreresLazard freres.jpgBig money sponsor of the WEF/Young Global Leaders
University of OttawaUniversity of Ottawa.svgUniversityBilingual university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Muhlenberg CollegeMuhlenberg College seal.png
Queen's College LondonGroup.pngPrestigious English girls school.
BNP ParibasLogo signature BNP Paribas Groupe.jpgWorld's 8th largest bank by total assets, paid the US Justice Department $8.97 billion after accusations of money laundering
University of MississippiOle Miss seal.svgPublicFlagshipSea-grantSpace-grantThe largest university in the state by enrollment
Denmark/Ministry of JusticeGroup.png
Phi Delta ThetaGroup.pngFraternity


A Death

John Jacob Astor17 July 176329 March 1848Businessperson
The first multi-millionaire in the US



TitleBornPlace of birthDiedSummary
E. H. Harriman20 February 1848New York
9 September 1909Businessperson
Arthur Balfour25 July 1848Scotland
Whittingehame House
East Lothian
19 March 1930Politician


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