9-11/20th Anniversary

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Date11 September 2021
PerpetratorsNew York City
Description20 years on since 9/11 the truth is still not known. The date will be significant day in world history.
In August 2021, the US Department of Homeland Security warned that the anniversary was a "potential terror threat".

The 9-11/20th Anniversary happened on 11th of September 2021.


The 2020 commemoration was cancelled because of COVID.


Joe Biden pushed back the withdrawal date of troops from Afghanistan from May to 11 September.[1]


Families of the 9/11 victims have told Joe Biden that is not allowed at the commemoration events unless he de-classifies all documents related to 9/11.[2][3]

The Taliban captured many provincial capitals.[4] They took complete control on 19 August 2021, and the Islamic Emirate was restored.

On 26 August, the 2021 Kabul Airport attacks killed around 182+ people.


Biden wrote to the FBI and announced the wholesale review and declassification of files from the investigation into the 9/11 attack, in response to intense pressure from Congress and victims’ families.[5]

Commemorative events

9/11 National Memorial Trail Alliance is holding a bike ride from Berlin, Pennsylvania to the Stoystown memorial, located near the Flight 93 crash site.[6]

A former flight attendant is pushing a beverage cart 220-miles from Boston Airport to Ground Zero in New York City.[7]

The anniversary will be marked by the memorial and museum on 11 September. At sundown, the annual “Tribute in Light” will illuminate the sky in commemoration of the anniversary of the attacks.[8]

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and George W Bush attended. Donald Trump was not invited.[9] Bush's speech included mention of extremism and domestic terrorism, referencing the US Capitol riots.[10]


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