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Formation6 February 2013
Right wing populist party in Germany.

Alternative for Germany or Alternative for Deutschland is a political party in Germany.


Started as a new conservative political party in 2013 before being rebranded as "Nazis" by the German establishment, when they started to have significant success in elections right after the formation.

Like Die Linke, the AFD is monitored by German security services.

In the 2021 German parliamentary election, they fell from third largest party to fifth place.

In 2024, the AFD may be banned by the German government.[1]


Opposition to the Great Reset, the COVID-19 agenda,[2][3] and uncontrolled/unconditional immigration.

Northstream 2

Full article: Nord Stream

In April 2022 Tino Chrupalla spoke in favor of starting up the delivery from the Northstream 2 pipeline on the condition that payments can be done in Euro again. [4][5]

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

Full article: 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

In a historical vote in late April 2022 about "Comprehensive support for Ukraine", which mainly comes down to sending heavy weapons, machinery and ammunition to Ukraine in order to support the government of Zelensky, the members of the Bundestag overwhelmingly voted in favor for it. The bulk of the "no" votes came from the AFD and Die Linke.[6]

Tino Chrupalla pointed out that the declaration reads like an accession to war and could make Germany a belligerent in a nuclear war. In principle it is in Germany's interest to maintain good relations with both Ukraine and Russia.[7]

Mossad support

In 2018, the retired Mossad officer Rafi Eitan (known for his many false flag operations) appeared in a promotional video for the party. Eitan praised AfD for its efforts to mark Holocaust Memorial Day in a message posted online. A full speech by Eitan describes the party as a "great hope for many people."[8]


Party Member

Maximilian Krah28 January 1977
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