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(Epidemiologist, lawyer)
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NationalityUSA, Iran, Canada
Alma materUC Berkeley, Caltech, Wadham College (Oxford), University of British Columbia
Member ofChatham House
Canadian "Dr. Doom" epidemiologist pushing for Trudeau's emergency rule, masks forever, and "accelerated" safety standards for jabs.

Employment.png Professor in Law and Medicine

Dates unknown
EmployerUniversity of Ottawa
Called for "accelerated approval" of Covid-jabs for children

Amir Attaran is an American and Canadian professor in both the Faculty of Law and the School of Epidemiology, Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of Ottawa. He was prominent during Covid, where he published a draft "emergency order" for the federal government to take over from the provinces. Later, he demanded that the safety standards for Covid-jabs should be "accelerated" to faster inject children.


On November 27, 2020, Attar published an article calling for PM Trudeau to "finds his courage" in this " once-in-a-century pandemic" and invoke "emergency order" to create "minimum national standards for COVID-19 control that the provinces must play by", and which becomes "legally binding as soon as a province goes off the rails" .

When it "crosses a danger threshold, and becomes designated, the emergency order goes from being unnoticeable to fierce."[1]

Attar included a draft of the suggested order, which included:

First, masks. Everyone must wear one in indoor public places, except the very young, or those who are medically unable. And the mask refuseniks? They can be arrested and prosecuted...Second, gatherings. All private gatherings at residences stop totally: no dinner parties, no visiting the neighbours, nothing. Your company is your family or housemates. Public gatherings become severely restricted: no more than 10 people outdoors...Naturally, everyone at a gathering must keep two metres distance, too...Third, curfew. Nobody goes out between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m...Fourth, the “essential” exceptions are pretty few." If the premiers baulk at so little federal intrusion, they would seem churlish, even selfish, for choosing their egotistical attachment to power over the national safety and the well-being of Canadians."[1]

In November, 2021, he was suspended by Twitter, an incident that was well covered by corporate media,[2][3] for writing "Trudeau should be tarred and feathered for putting child lives in danger". Attan said the ban "happened because I pressured the Trudeau government to accelerate the approval of the vaccine for 5-11 year old children."

In May 2022, he filed a private criminal prosecution against Ontario premier Doug Ford for allegedly breaking federal quarantine law during a March press conference.[4]

In a June 2022 PR-stunt, Attaran was involved in a Twitter controversy after posting a photo of an unmasked United Airlines employee, stating that masks are required on all flights out of Canada and calling for the banning of United Airlines in Canada.[5]

In August 2021, Attaran declared on Twitter that he would like to officially renounce his diploma from the University of British Columbia. "It's due to UBC's refusal to require students to be vaccinated to enter classrooms."[6]

Pushing DDT

In 1999 and 2000, Attaran was an lawyer participating[clarification needed] in the negotiation of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, which banned the manufacturing and use of certain toxic substances. Attaran led a controversial global campaign of over 400 scientists and medical doctors who wanted an exemption to use DDT in public health because they stated it is extremely effective in reducing the deaths of children from malaria.[7] The World Health Organization adopted it as a recommended malaria control strategy.[8][9]

Pushing AIDS-drugs

In 2001, Attaran and Jeffrey Sachs, then at Harvard working on the WHO Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, published an influential paper in The Lancet that the editors of that journal suggested may be the "blueprint" for "fighting the global HIV/AIDS pandemic on a large scale".[10] Attaran and Sachs proposed a new, multibillion-dollar fund that would be "based on grants, not loans, for the poorest countries", and which would be "judged as having epidemiological merit ... by a panel of independent scientific experts."[11] Attaran and Sachs' policy innovations were widely promoted by advocates, and incorporated into the design of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria which launched later that year.[12]

Cancelling Rio Olympics

In 2016, he declared that the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, "must be postponed, moved, or both, as a precautionary concession," because of the Zika virus. The outbreak that began in the country’s northeast "has reached Rio de Janeiro, where it is flourishing."[13]

Pot calling the kettle black

In 2008, Attaran wrote a Globe and Mail opinion piece critical of the Department of National Defence (DND) for supporting Canada's involvement in the war in Afghanistan through the undisclosed financing of think tanks and academics favourable to Canada's involvement, alleging that the latter could be viewed as tainted.[14] Attaran faced fierce reactions from the DND "who sent in a letter of protest to the Globe as did several defence academics;" and that, in an exchange with one of those "defence academics", military historian J.L. Granatstein, Attaran pointed out that Granatstein himself had received an award of $5000 from an Ottawa-based think tank.[15]

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