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LocationSouth America
LeaderPresident of Brazil
Typenation state
Interest ofLincoln Gordon
Member ofG-20, International Criminal Court, Organisation of American States, UN
SubpageBrazil/1964 coup d'état
Brazil/Vice President
Very large and not particularly populous country which has made a priority of biofuels.

For the 1985 dystopian film entitled Brazil, see Brazil (film).

Brazil is the largest nation state in South America. In 2013, it was #10 in the world in terms of military expenditure.[1]

2016 Olympics

On 21 July 2016, Brazil arrested 10 people "suspected of belonging to a poorly organized group supporting Islamic State".[2]

Brazil "plans to deploy about 85,000 soldiers, police and other security personnel during the Rio Games, more than twice as many in place for the London Olympics in 2012."[2]


Full article: COVID-19

In September 2021, Pfizer has been accused of holding Brazil “to ransom” over demands to shield itself from possible vaccine side-effect lawsuits.[3]

Sabotage of space program

Since the 1980s, Brazil has been working on the construction of a national rocket capable of putting satellites into orbit. In 1997, the first prototype of the Satellite Launch Vehicle (VLS-1) was tested. It exploded a few seconds after takeoff. In 1999, another test and another explosion. On the third attempt, on August 22, 2003, there was no time for the countdown to begin. The rocket exploded three days before launch, when it was being prepared at the Alcântara base. The third explosion killed 21 highly specialized technicians and engineers, setting the Brazilian program back 10 years.[4]

The Air Force command investigated and concluded that the accident was caused by an electrical failure. The problem is that the official report didn't convince everyone.[4]

The Alcântara base is considered the best spaceport in the world in geographic location. As it is close to the equator, it saves up to 30% of rocket fuel. As the United States owns most of the lucrative commercial satellite launch market, they tried in 2001 to reach an agreement to “rent” the Brazilian base for their launches, but was shelved as a violation of national sovereignty.[4] According to the treaty, Brazil would cede areas of Alcântara for the exclusive use of the USA without allowing any access by Brazilians.

The Brazilian military also carried out a survey on foreigners registered in hotels in São Luis. Around 20 Americans were staying in Alcântara that week, something unusual in the small town.[4]

Less than a week after the explosion in Alcântara, the sabotage thesis was highlighted by the journalist Cláudio Humberto. On August 27, Ronaldo Schlichting, a space race researcher and weapons expert, was asked for his opinion. The article said: "Schlichting suggests bullet from a Barret .50 rifle, which reaches 3 kilometers, as a possible 'rocket object impact'." The next day, another article referenced to sabotage, this time in the words of a professor at the Aeronautics Technological Center. “Scientist Edison Bittencourt denies 'spontaneous ignition' in one of the four engines of the rocket that exploded in Alcântara. He suggests an electromagnetic wave fired from space or from a small device, inserted into the motor and controlled from a distance”, wrote the columnist.[4]

Diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks revealed that the United States has long tried to hinder the Brazilian program. One of the telegrams, dated 2009, tells that the US government pressured Ukrainian authorities to block the development of the joint Brazil-Ukraine project for the deployment of the Cyclone-4 rocket launch pad – made in Ukraine – at Alcântara. The US message was clear. The mission in Brasilia should communicate to the Ukrainian ambassador, Volodymyr Lakomov, that the US “does not want” any transfer of space technology to Brazil.[5]

Coup attempt?

Full article: 2022–2023 Brazilian election protests

Suspiciously named a coup attempt in 2023, Jair Bolsonaro lost the general election to Lula da Silva, and was set to hand over governing power on New Years Day, only for the supporters to storm the parliamentary buildings, including congress, the Brazilian Supreme Court and the Presidential Palace of Planalto resulting in $1m damage and 88 wounded citizens.[6]


Related Quotation

John Perkins“I asked [Lula's emissary] whether Lula had been corrupted and for how long. It was obvious that this question made him extremely uncomfortable. After a long pause, he admitted that Lula was part of the system. "Otherwise, how could he have risen to such a position?" However, Jose also professed his admiration for Lula. "He's a realist. He understands that in order to help his people he has no choice ..." Then he shook his head. "I fear," he said, "that Washington will try to bring Lula down if he goes too far."

"How do you think they'd do it?"

"Everyone has—as you say—skeletons in his closet. Every politician has done things that can look bad, if brought into the light in a certain way. Lula has skeletons. If the powers that run your empire want to bring him down, they'll open the closet door."”
John Perkins2007



2022–2023 Brazilian election protestsThe Brazil version of the January 6 2021 riots at the US Capitol?


Groups Headquartered Here

Central Bank of Brazil31 December 1964Brazil's central bank.
Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo1908One of the largest and most prestigious universities of Brazil.
University of Brasília1962Since 1962 UnB has played an important role both nationally and regionally in terms of teaching and research excellence
University of São Paulo1934The largest Brazilian public university and the country's most prestigious educational institution
World Social Forum


Citizens of Brazil on Wikispooks

Paul Lir Alexander1956The Enterprise/CIA/Mossad operative and drug lord who mported as much as $9 billion US worth of cocaine into the US and Australia.
José Alberto Albano do Amarante13 November 19353 October 1981Brazilian nuclear physicist and officer assassinated in 1981 by Mossad and CIA with radioactive poisoning.
Ernesto Araújo15 May 1967Brazilian Foreign Affairs minister, "COVID conspiracy theorist"
Sabine Boghici197614 September 2023Brazilian model and heiress who reportedly committed suicide
Jair Bolsonaro21 March 1955President of Brazil who publicly refused a COVID-19 jab and suggested that the virus may have been intentionally created and released.
Luciana BorioCFR, Biodefense expert, named to Biden's Covid Task force, also on the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security/Working Group on Readying Populations for COVID-19 Vaccines
Fernando Henrique Cardoso18 June 1931President of Brazil for 8 years, co-signed the Uniting Behind A People’s Vaccine Against COVID-19 declaration
Ilona Szabó de Carvalho31 May 1978Brazilian activist showered with attention and funding from "global leaders".
Pepe Escobar1954Highly recommended independent geopolitical journalist.
André Esteves12 July 1968Brazilian billionaire, WEF YGL 2008, WEF AGMs
Ilan Goldfajn12 March 1966Installed as central bank governor by the Michel Temer government.
Luana Génot1988Brazilian uncritical promoter of COVID-19 vaccines
Antonio Sanchez de Larragoiti14 September 1900Brazilian visitor to a 1970 meeting of Le Cercle
Ronaldo Lemos25 March 1976Brazilian academic. Pro open internet, except when corporations like Facebook are doing the censorship. WEF Young Global Leader 2015,
Joaquim Levy17 February 1961Attended a WEF Annual Meeting while Finance Minister of Brazil
Paulo Malhães17 April 193825 April 2014Admitted torturing and murdering dissidents
Luiz Henrique Mandetta30 November 1964Brazilian Health minister sacked after implementing the COVID-19 Lockdown
Inês Etienne Romeu18 December 194227 April 2015She is believed to have been the only captive to survive detention in a Brazilian torture centre known as the Casa da Morta, "the house of death"
Edmond Safra6 August 19323 December 1999Banker who involved in drug, gold and currency trafficking, money laundering and organised crime, including what became known as Iran Contra. Died in suspicious fire.
Lily Safra30 December 19349 July 2022Widow of Edmond Safra
Pedro Moreira Salles20 October 1959Banker and heir to one of the biggest fortunes in Brazil. WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1998.
José Graziano da Silva
Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva27 October 1945Brazilian president 2003-2010 who although out of office told Brazilians: "Get vaccinated, that's necessary."
Marina Silva8 February 1958WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1997. Brazil's Minister of the Environment and Climate Change in 2022.
Achim Steiner17 May 1961Deep state functionary, UNDP administrator since 2017
Nísia Trindade17 January 1958Brazilian Minister of Health installed in 2023 to force children to inject Covid jabs
Getúlio Vargas19 April 188224 August 1954President of Brazil who shot himself in 1954.


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