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Group.png Hezbollah  
(Political party, ArmySourcewatch WikiquoteRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Flag of Hezbollah.svg.png
FounderHassan Nasrallah
HeadquartersBeirut, Lebanon
Interest ofUnited States Committee for a Free Lebanon
Political Islamic party, and army fighting many wars in the Middle East, linked to possible CIA drug trafficking.

Hezbollah is a Shia Muslim political party and militant group based in Lebanon that the United States and European Union have blacklisted as a terrorist organisation.[1][2] In March 2016, after the Arab League designated Hezbollah a terrorist organisation, Saudi Arabia decided to cut $4 billion in aid to Lebanese security forces since Lebanon declined to join resolutions critical of Iran and Hezbollah.


Hezbollah was established in the wake of the 1982 Lebanon War by Lebanese clerics who had studied in Najaf. It adopted the model set out by Ayatollah Khomeini after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, and the party's founders adopted "Hezbollah" as the name chosen by Khomeini. The organization was created with the support of 1,500 Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps instructors, and aggregated a variety of Lebanese Shia groups into a unified Organization to resist the Israeli occupation of the south of Lebanon.[3]

Saudi Arabia and other predominantly Sunni Islam Persian Gulf states have also cut Lebanese satellite broadcasts, expelled Lebanese expatriates they say have ties to Hezbollah and warned their citizens against travelling to Lebanon.[4] The UK parliament has decided that, from 1 March 2019, supporting either the military or political wing of Hezbollah is an offence carrying a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.[5][6] As drug trafficking is one of their main sources of income, Hezbollah was under the scope of the DEA in the 2010s, but was apparently "protected" by top officials in the US white house and CIA agents according to a VICE report, even after an attempt to help Iran create nuclear weapons.[7][8]

Jihad Council

Hezbollah's paramilitary wing is the Jihad Council,[9] and its political wing is Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc party in the Lebanese parliament.[10]

Israeli drone strike

After the death of Abbas al-Musawi in 1992, Hezbollah was headed by its Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah. On 13 May 2016, Hezbollah's top military commander Mustafa Badreddine was reported to have been killed in an Israeli drone strike near the airport in the Syrian capital Damascus.[11] The BBC reported on 14 May 2016 that Hezbollah had claimed Badreddine's death "was the result of artillery bombardment carried out by takfiri groups in the area" without explaining how an artillery strike could have been so surgical as to kill only him.[12]

Thousands of people attended the funeral in Lebanon's capital, Beirut, of top Hezbollah military commander Mustafa Badreddine.[13] He died in an explosion near Damascus airport, the Lebanon-based group said, adding it would announce "within hours" its report into the killing. Hezbollah has sent thousands of troops to support Syria's President Bashar al-Assad. In 2015, the US said that Badreddine was behind all Hezbollah's military operations in Syria since 2011. He was also said to have been involved with the assassination of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri in Beirut in 2005.[14]


At the 2017 Herzliya Conference, organised by the Israeli Institute for Policy and Strategy, Major-General (Ret'd) Amos Gilead, head of IPS,[15] said:

“As ISIS sinks, what rises in its place is an alliance presently forming in front of our eyes: Iran, Hezbollah, and Assad (Syria). I call it ‘Hezbollastan’, a much stronger entity that is a strategic threat to Israel."

Moscow, said Gilead, had taken a “strategic decision to support this alignment". He warned against a potential future war on Israel’s northern borders led by Hezbollastan and financially backed by the Kremlin.[16]

Cocaine Trafficking allegation

Hezbollah is a Lebanese terrorist organisation and the political party responsible for deadly attacks all over the world. This is the story of how they became major players not just in the Middle East hash trade, but in the global cocaine and amphetamine business – trafficking tons of drugs across the world, and laundering hundreds of millions of dollars for South American cartels.

Even murkier is how a major DEA investigation into these activities was allegedly undermined by the CIA and the White House – leading agents from different agencies to all end up accusing each other of endangering national security - VICE NEWS

Andrei Fursov stated in 2014 that "Cocaine is transferred to Sierra Leone, where it is exchanged for diamonds. With the diamonds they purchase arms. This triangle - Hezbollah, Syria, Iran - gets in the way of the Americans. They take the view, correctly, that eliminating Syria as an Arab partner of Iran, whether relations with Iran are good or bad, Iran will be weaker, and it will be easier to get an agreement with them. The removal of the Assad regime therefore became objective No.1 for the Americans. Likewise for Saudi Arabia and Israel."[17]


Related Quotation

Ziad Abdelnour“The Lebanese cannot have their cake and eat it, too...Let’s get rid of this cancer [Hezbollah]... Let’s finish the job.”Ziad Abdelnour1 August 2006


Party Member

Hassan Nasrallah31 August 1960Leader of Hezbollah


Events Participated in

2023-2024 Israel-Hamas War7 October 2023Gaza
Indian Ocean
Golan Heights
Hamas attack on dozens of illegal Israeli settlements in Southern Israel provoking mass retaliatory killings by Israel. Corporate media call it the Israeli "9-11", while critics of Israel refer to "10-7" as a staged, military operation in order to manufacture consent for a disproportionate response.
2023-2024 Israel-Hamas War/October 77 October 20238 October 2023Gaza
Golan Heights
Hamas attacks Israeli settlements in Southern Israel, mass raping and abducting, which get called an Israeli "9-11" by CCM. The NYT and Al Jazeera claimed the Israeli government knew of the impending attack, ignored warnings, shot some of their own civilians, made up several stories and used the resulting increased death toll to go on a revenge killing spree in the 2023 Israeli invasion of Gaza.


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