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(journalist, activist)
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Interests • Bilderberg
• Internet/Censorship
• Deep state
• Deep politics
Dan Dicks is a regular watcher of Bilderberg.

Dan Dicks is a Canadian activist.


Dan Dicks is a regular watcher of Bilderberg.

Bilderberg 2019

He tried to get a few comments from Eric Schmidt,[1][2] along with other activists like Josh Friedman[3] and Luke Rudkowski, at the Bilderberg 2019 conference. During the short interaction on the street, the issue of monetization of Youtube videos comes up since Schmidt replies to one question related to his involvement with the creation of the Fake news term by Rudkowski: "You actually believe this shit?". He in turn is asked in a rather funny way to not cuss on video since it would lead to demonetization.

Five days later Dicks lost the option for monetization and in 2020,[4] his Youtube channel was deleted in a coordinated attack that encompassed his Mailchimp mailservice account as well.[5] Dicks said he no longer has access to thousands of emails subscribers he’s accumulated for years, as he can’t access his account.[6][7]


Dan Dicks recommends using decentralised, censorship resistant software:

“The internet we have today is not going to be around very much longer. They need to control the narrative...

They are starting to clamp down, not on just conservative voices.

It's not about those on the right, it's not about people on the left, it's about anybody who goes against the status quo.”
Dan Dicks (June 2019)  [8]

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