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The Internet's most popular video sharing site; owned by Google. Aggressively removing information about Covid-19 while promoting Covid vaccines.

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Started: 15 February 2005
Founders: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim

Owner: Alphabet Inc.
Constitutes: Website,  Social media


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YouTube/Censorship16,372YouTube Censorship gained pace during the late 2010s, especially around 2016 and in 2020 during the COVID-19/Panic. Videos which had millions of views were removed, pushing a lot of people to alternative platforms such as AltCensored or Bitchute.

YouTube is a video sharing website that allows "content creators" to earn money with their uploads.[1] In 2021, it was attempting to promote acceptance of the COVID-19 jab by young people [2] and heavily censoring alternative views.[3]


Three former PayPal employees — Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim — started YouTube in February 2005. Google bought it in November 2006 for $1.65 billion.

In November 2021, YouTube removed "dislike" buttons from their site, after corporate media had been heavily disliked during COVID-19.[4] Jawed Karim, co-founder of YouTube, predicted the decline of the site following this decision.[5]


Google has build a network of the highest performance for the service since the acquisition; it remained free of charge for around 10 years and by 2022 can still be accessed in full without a paid subscriber account. At the end of 2017, Warren Shaeffer, in a blog post on the closing of the video platform, suggested, based on a remark of Susan Wojcicki in 2016,[6] that Youtube "to this day is still likely operating at a loss".[7] Based on initial growth rates, in 2015 it's database was estimated to be 660 Petabyte;[8][9] other estimates put it at 500 Petabyte at the time. In 2020 YouTube's revenue was reported to be above 15 billion USD.[10]

Content removal

Full article: YouTube/Censorship
YouTube Censorship.png

In 2016, YouTube announced that making "negative comments" about someone else and hurting their feelings might be considered sufficient grounds for the to censor content.[11] In 2017, YouTube was reportedly faster as censoring content than Facebook or Twitter, taking down 90% of all content flagged within 24 hours.[12]

Gradual redesign

As well as censoring content, YouTube is gradually adjusting to a more menu based system,[13] together with other changes that use big data to suggest content to users rather than responding to their input.[14]


Full article: Elsagate

Beginning in 2014, reaching a peak in 2017/2018, Youtube hosted videos geared towards very young children that depicted disturbing scenes and which became known as Elsagate. Youtube was forced to remove the content since there was common agreement that it is harmful. However, due to the massive distribution and monetization, Youtube must have been aware that their platform is used for this.

Incentives for small content creators

It has been reported that Youtube tries to incentivize small channels to make videos on one of four topics:

The video would have to take a positive stand towards the matter and if selected after review, the creator would be eligible for up to 2400 Dollar of studio equipment and possibly a seminar for content creators.[15]


Full article: Alt_Tech

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YouTube Pages

 Has youtubeDescription
'Destiny' as video streamer, now is known for debating people.
'reallygraceful' Youtuber with an interest in secret societies and mystery religions.
21st Century Wire sound alternative news site.
AFD wing populist party in Germany.
AIPAC lobby which has somewhere between a lot of influence and "total control" over the US Government.
ASEAN union in Southeast Asia.
Ziad Abdelnour neoconservative financier who was disciplined by the SEC.
Accuracy in Media shady non-profit broadcaster with some good segments.
Active Change Foundation charity that worked closely with the Institute for Statecraft on "de-radicalisation"
Activist Post website started in 2010. "We encourage people to share our articles. You may repost our content"
Air Force Office of Scientific Research in basic research efforts for the Air Force, in cooperation with private industry, academia, and other organizations.
Anthony Albanese l3pCKc0xBNjOt2QQAustralian prime minister
Alchetron machine generated encyclopedia
Almaz-Antey state-owned company in the arms industry.
Shepard Ambellas Intellihub. Reported on the 2012 Bilderberg.
American Freedom Alliance mKQpt648ouOD7SuotFhSA
American University of Beirut US-run university in Lebanon
American-Turkish Council Edmonds has presented evidence implicating this group in espionage
'Little Apostate' young woman in the US who became critical of the Covid-19 related legislation and started a podcast. Seems to be inactive since mid-2022.
Nighat Arif mtIiBEQoDx1m8k3DwgTV doctor. One of the biggest promoters of the Covid-19/Vaccine in Britain - received undisclosed payments from AstraZeneca.
Associated Press important hub of corporate media
Auburn University University with many military alumni
Avaaz hugely popular clicktivist site with spooky connections.
BP oil company implicated in the 1953 Iran Coup.
Quique Badia-Masoni journalist member of the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft.
Sandra Barr independent researcher into psyops and hoaxes. Examines the numerology and why certain dates are used for such events. Exposes establishment corruption.
Kevin Barrett Q1KaHogAn academic and 9-11/Dissident.
'Burning Blogger of Bedlam'
Alex Belfield for five and a half years for his criticism of the BBC
Scott Bennett 2 years in jail as a result of speaking his mind and attempting to blow the whistle on fraud and corruption inside the US war machine.
Jason Bermas of the earliest 911 skeptics, known for Loose Change
Ronald Bernard Dutch whistleblower who in 2017 had an interview released in which he said that he was recruited by an organised crime network, initially to launder money, but later was asked if he wanted to participate in human sacrifice.
Best for Britain George Soros funded Pro-EU organisation.
Big League Politics League Politics is a politically independent news website, reporting from a Pro-Trump point of view.
Andriy Biletsky ySHgAzov leader
Max Blumenthal journalist, blogger, film maker whom the Times Of Israel tagged an "anti-zionist"
Shahid Bolsen
Anne-Laure Bonnel film maker who made two documentaries focusing on the atrocities committed by Ukrainian neo-Nazi militias in the Donbass. The films, shot in 2015 and 2022 were made from the separatists' side, and led to losing her job and her bank account blocked.
Richard Booth jd2/videosResearcher into the Oklahoma City bombing
Breaking Points
Breda University of Applied Sciences of applied sciences in the fields of tourism, leisure and hospitality.
Peter Breggin Breggin ended psychosurgery in the United States.
British Satellite News semi covert propaganda operation funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Barrett Brown
Jeff B. Brown radio host broadcasting from China
Nick Bryant who wrote the second substantial book on the Franklin child prostitution ring.
Bulgaria Analytica"Fack checker" with "notably opaque" funding
Helen Buyniski
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Page nameDescription
'Destiny'Started as video streamer, now is known for debating people.
'reallygraceful'American Youtuber with an interest in secret societies and mystery religions.
Dave CullenIrish Youtuber and political dissident.
David FreiheitCanadian lawyer and Youtuber
The Kim Iversen ShowIndependent analysis of today's politics. Foreign Policy, Pandemic, Elections and More.


Related Quotation

PewDiePie ADL controversy“Reinstalled Twitter to talk about PewDiePie's betrayal by donating 50k to the ADL. The company working with places like Twitter to get rid of anything "Offensive" @pewdiepie

You just supported a group that even ruined even YOUR deal to Disney. Wtf?

PewDiePie literally paid $50,000 to not be called racist anymore. And in turn- he just got so many people in the future censored off of places like Twitter and YouTube.

Anytime someone gets banned for now on, I'll be sure to say

"Thanks Pewdiepie"”
Brittany Venti11 September 2019


Documents sourced from YouTube

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Battleground Ukrainelecture transcriptThe Great Game
2014 Ukraine coup
14 April 2014Andrei FursovA wide ranging analysis of the 2013-2014 situation in Ukraine, its antecedents and consequences from the perspective of a senior Russian academic
Document:Craig Murray - Political Prisoner of the British StateSpeechCraig Murray
Clive Ponting
European Court of Human Rights
Daniel Everette Hale
Jigsaw Identification
30 July 2021Craig Murray"This is selective prosecution. This is political persecution. And I have no doubt whatsoever that I go to jail as a political prisoner" (extract from Craig Murray's speech two days before going to Edinburgh's Saughton Jail).
Document:The 20-year war on Afghanistan was a mistakeSpeech"War on Terror"
Stop the War Coalition
War of aggression
Afghanistan/2001 Invasion
Afghanistan/2021 withdrawal
18 August 2021Zarah SultanaSpeaking outside Parliament on 18 August 2021, prior to the Afghanistan emergency debate, Zarah Sultana joined colleagues including Jeremy Corbyn to say: "The war on Afghanistan shows – once and for all – that the West cannot deliver liberal democracy at the barrel of a gun. This war – the first 'War on Terror' – must be Britain's last war of aggression."
Document:Twenty Years On, We’ve Learned Nothing From 9/11Speech9-11
Middle East
The Establishment
Saddam Hussein
George W. Bush
"Humanitarian intervention"
Military-industrial-congressional complex
Joe Biden
Islamic State
Madeleine Albright
US/Foreign policy
Presidency of Joe Biden
9-11/20th Anniversary
Afghanistan/2021 withdrawal
17 September 2021Ron Paul20 years on from 9/11, Ron Paul says that The Establishment in the United States has learned nothing since the attacks.
Document:US is militarizing Ukraine to invade RussiadiscussionGlobalisation
2014 Ukraine coup
20 June 2014Sergei GlazyevVladimir Putin's economic adviser outlines the massive militarisation of Ukraine and the Anglo-US agenda that is behind it.
Document:Usaia to attack Russia in 2015interview transcriptGlobalisation
Colour revolution
31 May 2014Evgeny FedorovA coup d´état under the guise of an ‘Colour Revolution’ is being prepared in Russia. The big picture and the details are given by Evgeny Fedorov, a deputy in the Russian parliament, and coordinator of the People’s Liberation Movement.
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