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BornLugano, Switzerland
Died4 May 1985
NationalityItalian, Swiss, US
Alma materUniversity of Bologna
Parents • Melvin Schlein
• Maria Paola Viviani
SiblingsSusanna Schlein
Member ofOpen Society Foundations/Reliable allies
PartyDemocratic Party (Italy)
"Rising star" of Italian politics with heavy deep state backing.

Employment.png Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies

In office
12 March 2023 - Present

Elena Ethel "Elly" Schlein is an US-Swiss Italian politician and leader of the Democratic Party (PD). Aided in her career by deep state interests, including former president Romano Prodi, and identified as a "reliable ally by George Soros' Open Society Foundations when in the European Parliament, she was "surprisingly" elected leader in of the "Social Democrat" PD in February 2023[1], despite having a tenuous connection to the party.

A fierce support for all the measures taken during Covid, from lockdowns, through the green pass and mandatory vaccines, she also supported a "smart citizen wallet", a form of social credit system.[2]


Her father, Melvin Schlein, was Assistant Director of the intelligence connected Bologna Center of the School of Advanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University from 1969 to 1973.[3] Her mother, Maria Paola Viviani, is a professor of comparative public law at the University of Insubria.[4]

In 2008 and 2012, Schlein, a US citizen, volunteered on Barack Obama's two presidential campaigns in the United States.[5]


In the 2014 European Parliament election, Schlein was elected to the European Parliament on the PD list in the constituency of North-Eastern Italy. There she was a member of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D),. As a critic of the party chairman and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, she resigned from the PD in July 2015 and joined the new party Possibile. She did not stand for re-election in the 2019 European Elections, and resigned from the Possibile party in June 2019.[6]

On January 26, 2020, she was elected to the Regional Council of Emilia-Romagna. She had been a candidate on the Emilia-Romagna Coraggiosa Ecologista e Progressista ("courageous, ecological and progressive Emilia-Romagna") list. The regional president Stefano Bonaccini (PD) then appointed Schlein as his deputy and appointed her to his regional government. There she was responsible for the Climate pact, welfare, housing policy, youth policy, international development cooperation, international relations and relations with the EU until her entry into the national parliament in October 2022.[7]

On the list of PD and allied parties, Schlein entered the parliament as a representative of Emilia-Romagna in the early parliamentary election in September 2022. After the electoral defeat of the center-left camp and the resignation announcement of the party chairman Enrico Letta, Schlein re-entered the PD.

[8][9] She "surprisingly" became party leader in February 2023[10].

The link with Romano Prodi and George Soros

Byoblu sums up her career:

Among her few acts of protest against her own party, it is worth noting the creation of the "#OccupyPD", which however only in name followed the noble requests of those who a few years earlier had coined the term Occupy Wall Street to incite a revolt against the financial world. Instead of attacking the elite, however, Elly Schlein had founded the new current to protest against those in the party who had prevented the election of Romano Prodi as president.

And Prodi, the professor from University of Bologna, was in fact one of the main sponsors of Elly Schlein's rise within the party she and in fact shares blind faith in the European project with Prodi. Then there is another controversial character who orbits Schlein's world: George Soros. The Hungarian speculator, absolute master of the mammoth NGO Open Society, had in fact drawn up a detailed document which listed the people he considered to be trusted within the European institutions. Among these, the name of Elly Schlein is found, identified during her period in the European Parliament between 2014 and 2019.

We recall that Soros had received an honorary degree from the University of Bologna in the presence of Romano Prodi: therefore there is a sort of magic circle that unites Schlein with Soros and Prodi.

During the Covid, Schlein stood out for her fierce support for all the measures taken by Minister Roberto Speranza: from lockdowns, through the green pass and mandatory vaccines, even inoculations for children. This happened while Emilia-Romagna, the region where she held the role of vice president, became the laboratory of controversial social experiments.

These include the introduction of the points-based driving license for tenants in public housing in some municipalities in the region and the smart citizen wallet, a prelude to a social credit system, in the city of Bologna. Elly Schlein is thus the representative of that PD which shouts at the danger of fascism, while she winks at the practices of Chinese totalitarianism.[11]

Fulvio Grimaldi called her a Young Global Leader also for Italy".[12]


In February 2020, Schlein came out as bisexual.[13][14][15] She describes herself as a feminist and a progressive.[16] In December 2022, arsonists destroyed a car used by her sister, Susanna Schlein, a career diplomat serving in Athens.[17]

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