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Person.png Fred Teeven  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(Politician, Deep state actor)
Born5 August 1958
Haarlem, Netherlands
Alma materVU University Amsterdam, University of Twente
InterestsIllegal drug trade
PartyPeople's Party for Freedom and Democracy, Liveable Netherlands
Prosecutor in Amsterdam "battling" drug trade in the 2000s. Covered-up Gladio. Replaced Pim Foruyn as placeholder. Former state secretary of justice during the 2010s. Resigned after lying to parliament about the paper-trail of deals made with criminals after Mark Rutte denied the paper-trail to even exist.

Employment.png State Secretary for Security and Justice

In office
14 October 2010 - 10 March 2015

Employment.png Prosecutor

In office
2000 - 2002

Fredrik (Fred) Teeven is a former Dutch politician. As public prosecutor handling the new drug kingpins following Klaas Bruinsma's death, Teeven made some questionable deals with criminals in the 1990s and 2000s, leading to his resignation in 2015.[1] Teeven was involved in a cover up of an underage sex ring in Amsterdam in the 1980s and 2000s.[2]


Teeven was born in the province of North Holland. He studied law at the VU University Amsterdam and public management at the University of Twente. Working first as a tax collector he became a prosecutor, becoming known as a crime fighter, since he led many investigations into organised crime. Teeven was involved in the prosecutions of Dési Bouterse, Mink Kok, Johan Verhoek and Willem Holleeder.


Teeven made a secret deal with an associate of Bruinsma named Mink Kok around the 2000s in Amsterdam for the theft of the Gladio weapons.[3]

Sex ring

According to Newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, at least one boy witnessed Ruding, Mayor Ed van Thijn and Prince Claus having sex with underage boys in an apartment in the city centre of Amsterdam. [4] Van Thijn allegedly visited a network of hundreds of boys hidden in Amsterdam working as prostitutes - tolerated by the government and Fred Teeven - involving police officers, politicians, care workers and others, but the case - involving suspected operative Joris Demmink - was removed from Wikipedia in 2014, even after a group of police inspectors admitted the sex ring to be existent.[2] ISGP published newspaper segments where several details were uncovered describing van Thijn participating in sexual blackmail of underage boys and their parents, coercing them into making child porn in drunk parties.[5]


Fred Teeven was revealed by a regional Dutch newspaper to have agreed in 2012 to testify about a former AIVD officer and other leading figures in the Dutch intelligence and justice community in 1997, naming them as suspected child abusers. The names and details were not released by the public prosector. Teeven linked the case to Joris Demmink, but refused to name him a suspect.[6]


Teeven replaced Pim Fortuyn after he was forced to resign following his Islam statements. Fortuyn - set to win the general election - was shot dead 1 year later.


On 10 March 2015 Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten resigned together with Teeven after the former had informed the House of Representatives wrongly in the early 2000s on a deal made by Teeven as state prosecutor in 1994. The deal concerned money paid to a drug trafficker whose money had been seized and received compensation after the origin of the money could not be proved to be illegal.

Opstelten had mentioned to the House of Representatives a lower amount than the one that was actually paid, and that the receipt of the transaction had gone missing, while it later surfaced. In the wake of this scandal, House Chairwoman Anouchka van Miltenburg (who was a member of the same political party) resigned on 12 December 2015 when it became clear she had suppressed two letters of a whistle blower from the justice department who had already mentioned the right details on the 'deal', by putting the letters through the shredder. After resigning as State Secretary Teeven was member of the House of Representatives between 26 March 2015 and 23 March 2017.[7]

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