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(politician, deep state functionary, paedophile, handler)
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BornEduard van Thijn
16 August 1934
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Died19 December 2021 (Age 87)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cause of death
Member ofDutch Round Table
Interests • Polarizing perspective
• Sexual blackmail
Mayor of Amsterdam, shadow-cabinet founder, suspected paedophile in a underage sex-ring with Prince Claus and Onno Ruding.

Employment.png Amsterdam/Mayor

In office
1983 - 1994

Employment.png Netherlands/Member of the Senate

In office
25 October 1999 - 29 January 2007

Ed van Thijn was a prolific Dutch politician from the 1960s to the 2000s. In the Netherlands, he is mostly remembered for acting as handler of Prime Minister Joop den Uyl, being recruited by Dutch Gladio boss Max van der Stoel in the 1960s. As member of the Tafelronde and the only two shadow cabinet's ever to have existed on Dutch soil, his influence cannot be underestimated. In the 2010s, he was named participating in a sex ring in the cold war era involving politicians, police officers, and care workers in the centre of Amsterdam[1].

Early life

Van Thijn was questioned, tortured and deported as child during WW2. Van Thijn his parents survived and although they reconciled, Van Thijn left his parents who were traumatized and grew into an abusive household. In the 1960s, Dutch Operation Gladio boss Max van der Stoel recruited van Thijn into the think tank of the Dutch Labour party.[2]


During the 1970s van Thijn became known as the handler of PM Joop den Uyl, who seized power in the labour party advancing the preparations for the Dutch support for NATO and their enemy images that would stimulate the cold war divisions in Europe. Van Thijn became known in Dutch media as the man inventing a concept known as the polarizing perspective, at first aimed at destroying the influence of the former political power structures - in the Netherlands - mostly confessional parties headed by Dries van Agt. At the end of the 1970s, van Agt was slowly isolated and Den Uyl appeared at the pinnacle of Dutch politics, starting the Dutch involvement in Bilderberg (who since Den Uyl have been visited by every Dutch PM) and secret outfit Inlichtingen en Operatiën(being linked to Klaas Bruinsma and the Brabant Massacres).[3]

Joop den Uyl presented the Dutch in the international community at the start of the 70s as having an unique "Dutch approach[4] to terrorism"; which translated to very long negotiations with hijackers and "terrorists" instead of military action[5], Den Uyl's session[6] at the Jerusalem International Conference on Terrorism was noted for a call in support of Irish Politician Frank Cluskey; trying to shift European politicians away from the usual enemy image (the Soviet Union) and try to focus on a larger variety of terrorists, in these cases called the IRA[7], Basque independence movements, Libya and the South Moluccans (since the 1950s part of Indonesia), which pointed to calling any independence group not aligned with the government "terrorist or "extremists".[8] Seemingly drifting away and aligning more with UK/US-politics.

Shadow Cabinet

Van Thijn started a shadow cabinet with Hans van Mierlo (later Dutch Minister of State), modelled on the British in 1971 - as they opted to change the Dutch electoral system to the British system of first-past-the-post by rearranging districts and suppressing the need for coalition governments and to explicitly "reduce the number of parties by forcing them to merge to achieve a electoral threshold".[9]


According to Newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, at least one boy witnessed Ruding, Mayor Ed van Thijn and Prince Claus having sex with underage boys in an apartment in the city centre of Amsterdam. [10] Van Thijn allegedly visited a network of hundreds of boys hidden in Amsterdam working as prostitutes - tolerated by the government (and local prosecutor and later justice minister Fred Teeven) - involving police officers, politicians, care workers and others, but the case - involving suspected operative Joris Demmink - was removed from Wikipedia in 2014, even after a group of police inspectors admitted the sex ring to be existent.[11] ISGP published newspaper segments where several details were uncovered describing van Thijn participating in sexual blackmail of underage boys and their parents, coercing them into making child porn in drunk parties.[12]

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