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Concept.png Crime 
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Legally forbidden behaviours.

Crimes are offences as judged by the law.

Intelligence agencies

In March 2018, the UK government officially admitted that agents were allowed to carry out criminal activity in the UK, but did not reveal the extent of criminality permitted.[1]



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Attempted murder
BAE Systems/Crimes
Destruction of evidence
Israel/Violations of Lebanese sovereignty
SmugglingThe prohibited transshipment of goods across borders. Drug smuggling, in particular, is a major source of cash for deep state groups.
TortureTorture is the deliberate infliction of pain, used both as a means of obtaining information (though for this purpose it is notoriously unreliable) and (such as at Guantánamo Bay) to terrorise entire populations.
War crime

Related Quotation

Eugene V. Debs“Getting a living under capitalism... is so precarious, so uncertain, fraught with such pain and struggle that the wonder is not that so many people become vicious and criminal, but that so many remain in docile submission to such a tyrannous and debasing condition.”Eugene V. Debs


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