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Interests • Diana/Assassination
• JFK/Assassination
• MLK/Assassination


A Document by Garrick Alder

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)
Document:Deception and distraction strategies relating to the John F Kennedy Assassinationarticle2017Fred Lee Crisman
Lee Harvey Oswald
Dorothy Kilgallen
Marilyn Monroe
Roswell Incident
Robert Vinson
Maury Island UFO


Quotes by Garrick Alder

2017 Westminster attack“The terrorist attack staged by Khalid Masood on 22 March 2017, in which he attempted to enter Parliament, raised some questions. Most interesting, to my mind, was the matter of how he managed to arrive with such precision at the moment when the Carriage Gate to the South of the parliamentary estate was not only wide open but with just its regular unarmed, and low-key, uniformed police presence as a guard. In fact, were it not for the fortuitous presence at the scene of the armed bodyguard of Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, Masood would undoubtedly have got further with his attack than he did. It was widely reported Masood had been using the popular encrypted instant messaging application WhatsApp on his mobile in the immediate lead up to the attack. Since it seems improbable that he was chatting casually about nothing in particular as he drove to his certain death, the presence of irretrievable messages suggests some kind of coordination. From that arises almost automatically the hypothesis that Masood had a source in the parliamentary estate, steering him towards the right place and time to penetrate Parliament’s defences.”2017Lobster Magazine
Freedom of Information Act“It appears that Freedom of Information (hereinafter FOI) laws have never been loved by their parents. When US President Lyndon Johnson signed the world's first FOI Act into law in 1966, he was so keen not to be associated with it that – uniquely among modern Presidential enactions – there was no photographer present to capture the historic moment. It is fitting that Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair, who gave the UK its own FOI Act, has since attempted to disassociate himself from the law he presented to the Queen for Royal Assent in 2000.”2017Lobster Magazine
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