2017 Westminster attack

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Event.png 2017 Westminster attack (Vehicular assault,  stabbing,  mid-level deep event?) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
2017 Westminster attack.jpg
Date22 March 2017
LocationWestminster,  London,  UK
Blamed onKhalid Masood
Witnessed byCraig Mackey
Type• Vehicle-ramming attack
• stabbing
Injured (non-fatal)~40"~" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 40.
DescriptionA combined vehicle assault and stabbing at an iconic London location

The 2017 Westminster attack occurred on 22 March 2017, on Westminster Bridge and the palace of Westminster, central London. After the attack, Amber Rudd attempted to suggest that it demonstrated that the UK intelligence agencies needed more mass surveillance capabilities and that encryption should be prohibited.[1] On 24th March, Lasha Darkmoon published a pictorial summary of the commercially-controlled media accounts, not inconsistent with the idea of a "lone nut".

Official narrative

Khalid Masood drove into a number of pedestrians, killing two on Westminster Bridge.[2] He then fatally stabbed a police officer, PC Keith Palmer within the grounds of the Palace of Westminster, before being shot dead by other officers.[3] The perpetrator was a small time criminal Moslem convert, known by many names, including Khalid Masood.[4] Initial reports were that he was already known to MI5 "but had been dismissed as a 'peripheral figure'.”[5][6]


“The terrorist attack staged by Khalid Masood on 22 March 2017, in which he attempted to enter Parliament, raised some questions. Most interesting, to my mind, was the matter of how he managed to arrive with such precision at the moment when the Carriage Gate to the South of the parliamentary estate was not only wide open but with just its regular unarmed, and low-key, uniformed police presence as a guard. In fact, were it not for the fortuitous presence at the scene of the armed bodyguard of Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, Masood would undoubtedly have got further with his attack than he did. It was widely reported Masood had been using the popular encrypted instant messaging application WhatsApp on his mobile in the immediate lead up to the attack. Since it seems improbable that he was chatting casually about nothing in particular as he drove to his certain death, the presence of irretrievable messages suggests some kind of coordination. From that arises almost automatically the hypothesis that Masood had a source in the parliamentary estate, steering him towards the right place and time to penetrate Parliament’s defences.”
Garrick Alder (2017)  [7]


CCTV footage, from a distant camera was posted on the internet on 22 March 2017, consistent with unexpected and reckless driving by a white van on Westminster Bridge.[8] Many witness testimonies have also been published on Youtube.


After it was claimed that Masood used WhatsApp three minutes before he was shot and killed, Amber Rudd, the UK Home Secretary said that users should not be able to encrypt their messages. The New York Times described this as "the latest move in a widening global push against encryption technology that blocks access to the private messages of criminal and innocent users alike."[9] This parallels the contradictory claim made after the JFK assassination that (i) Oswald was a "lone nut" ; (ii) wider mass surveillance was needed to prevent future attacks.[1]


The attack was 3 days after the Metropolitan Police's first live-action, water-borne terror drill, in the Docklands area.[10] It coincided with a debate leading to a vote in Holyrood on whether Scotland should hold a second referendum on Scottish independence before Brexit is finalised. The debate was suspended as the attack unfolded, to be resumed on Tuesday 28 March, and the vote in the Scottish Parliament rescheduled for 14:20 hours.[11]

Up and coming Tory MP Tobias Ellwood, member of the psychological warfare unit 77th Brigade (confirmed 2018[12]) gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and CPR to police officer Keith Palmer, who later died of his injuries[13]. Ellwood was called a "hero" by those at Westminster and the press, as photos surfaced of him with blood on his face while he crouched over the body of the dying police officer[14].


In a Veterans Today article, Kevin Barrett suggested that the Westminster attack, coming exactly one year after the Mass murder in Brussels, might have been an Operation Gladio/B operation. Barrett questioned why when wielding only a knife, the perpetrator was shot dead, observing that this would avoid the need of a trial:

"Was alleged London attacker Khalid Masood 'on the radar' of MI5 (like almost all false flag patsies) because he was an intelligence asset?"[15]


Related Quotation

Hanif Qadir“I could have prevented [the 2017?] London terrorist attacks”Hanif Qadir2017



Craig MackeyPersonally witnessed the 2017 Westminster attack


The Official Culprit

Khalid MasoodNamed by UK police as the perpetrator of the 2017 Westminster attack


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