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Dozens of people were killed in a vain effort to suppress the truth about the JFK Assassination. Where convenient, deaths have been made to look accidental or illness related. Sometimes people were "suicided", making it hard to know exactly how many were murdered.

Many premature deaths are associated with the JFK assassination. Dozens if not hundreds of key witnesses, journalists and researchers have been assassinated at the behest of the perpetrators because of their fear of exposure.[1]


Why Was Everybody Connected to JFK Suddenly Mysteriously Killed - The Infographics Show

Many witnesses were pressured to change their testimony by the FBI. Some proved intransigent and had such important evidence that they were assassinated.


The RFK assassination, also presented as a "lone nut" story for public consumption, was most obviously to stave of an RFK presidency, which might have exposed the cabal who assassinated his brother, JFK. Mark Gorton suggests that the MLK assassination had a similar motive.[2] Jim Douglass suggests that all three of these assassinations, together with the assassination of Malcolm X, were committed by the US Deep state.


Dorothy Kilgallen is perhaps the most prominent journalist assassinated in the 1960s to try to suppress the truth about the JFK Assassination.

Deep State operatives

Various Deep State operatives were assassinated to obscure their role the JFK assassination, of whom the most prominent was Jack Ruby.


In 1984 Penn Jones, Jr. headlined an article in The Rebel magazine Over 100 murders, suicides, mysterious deaths--the strange fate of those who saw Kennedy shot.[3]



Page namePremature death dateCause of DeathDescription
Guy Banister6 June 1964A US deep state operative involved in the JFK assassination. Suddenly died after he had attracted the attention of investigator Jim Garrison.
Eddy Benavides1965Gunshot
Hale Boggs16 October 1972A US House Majority Leader who strongly dissented from the official narrative of the JFK Assassination. His small plane disappeared without trace in Alaska, together with Nick Begich and two other men.
Rose Cheramie4 September 1965Skull injuryWarned of JFK's assassination just before it happened
Edwin Collins1964
Roger Craig15 May 1975
David Ferrie22 February 1967Brain hemorrhage?JFK figure who suddenly died within a few hours of his friend, Eladio del Valle.
Desmond FitzGerald23 July 1967A US Spook and Georgetown Set member who died of a "heart attack"
Maurice Gatlin28 May 1965Falling
Michael Groves3 December 1963UnknownDied under mysterious circumstances 7 days after commandeing the JFK honor guard for JFK's funeral,
Jimmy Hoffa30 July 1975DisappearanceUS labor leader whose disappearance may be related to the JFK Assassination
Lisa Howard4 July 1965Drug overdose
Actress and journalist who worried the US deep state
Tom Howard3 January 1967
Dorothy Hunt8 December 1972Air disasterSpook, wife of Watergate/JFK assassination conspirator, E. Howard Hunt. Killed in a plane suspicious crash.
Bill Hunter23 April 1964GunshotA reported who investigated the JFK assassination. Shot dead by a policeman, reportedly accidentally.
C. D. Jackson18 September 1964UnknownOSS, US Deep sate operative, first Bilderberg
Thomas Karamessines4 September 1978A former CIA Deputy Director for Plans who suddenly died of a heart attack before he could testify to the HSCA.
Dorothy Kilgallen8 November 1965Drug overdoseA famous journalist who became interested in the JFK assassination and who died in highly suspicious circumstances of a drug overdose
Hank Killam17 March 1964Cut throat"A number of FBI documents on Killam relating to the assassination were withheld, along with documents prepared by the CIA. What is clear is that somebody considered Hank Killam a very important guy."
Jim Koethe21 September 1964ViolenceViolently murdered in September 1964 in his Dallas apartment, before he could finish his book on the JFK Assassination.
Mary Jo Kopechne18 July 1969Drowning
Traffic accident
The victim of the Chappaquiddick incident which stymied Edward Kennedy's presidential ambitions
Karyn Kupcinet28 November 1963
Allard Lowenstein14 March 1980US politician supportive of a reinvestigation of the RFK Assassination. Assassinated
Paul MandalJanuary 1965Cancer
John Martino1975
Mary Pinchot Meyer12 October 1964GunshotWife of Cord Meyer, lover of JFK, murdered in 1964.
George de Mohrenschildt29 March 1977GunshotLee Harvey Oswald's handler, found dead after attempting to share some of what he knew with the media.
David Sánchez Morales8 May 1978Hard drinking and physically imposing, David Sánchez Morales was somewhat indiscreet and suffered a sudden death just before he was due to testify to the HSCA.
John Arthur Paisley24 September 1978
Michael Collins PiperMay 2015JFK Assassination researcher who died at 54 of "natural causes".
William Pitzer29 October 1966GunshotPossibly assassinated because he intended to expose the JFK assassination
RFK6 June 1968GunshotBrother of murdered US president John F. Kennedy, Robert had been his Attorney General and wanted to become US President himself so he could uncover his brothers killers. Assassinated.
Johnny Roselli7 August 1976Mobster for the Chicago Outfit. Died just before the HSCA.
Jack Ruby3 January 1967Pulmonary embolismA "lone nut" who killed another lone nut to try to hide the conspiracy which killed JFK. Both were actually assets controlled by the deep state groups who ran that coup.
Winston Scott26 April 1971
Clay Shaw15 August 1974CancerThe only person prosecuted in connection with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
Mary Sherman21 July 1964Stabbing
Cancer researcher interested in the JFK Assassination. In 1964 she was stabbed in the heart, arm, leg and stomach and her mattress had been set on fire.
Merriman Smith13 April 1970GunshotPut the first story about the JFK Assassination on the UPI newswire. Supposedly shot himself.
Grant Stockdale2 December 1963A friend of JFK who died shortly after the Kennedy assassination
Gary Underhill8 May 1964Gunshot"Convinced that the JFK assassination was carried out by "a small clique in the CIA."
Eladio del Valle22 February 1967Gunshot
Skull injury
An Operation 40 member involved in the JFK assassination.
Malcom Wallace7 January 1971Found guilty of "murder with malice aforethought" for which he was given a suspended sentence. He was working as LBJ's personal assassin since that time.
Buddy Walthers10 January 1969GunshotA JFK assassination related death
Hugh Ward23 May 1964Air disasterPrivate investigator working with Guy Banister and David Ferrie, died in a 1964 plane crash
Dave Yaras1974Friend of Jack Ruby
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