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The label "premature death" is used to refer to deaths which are not provably murder or assassination, and includes several cases where the official verdict is "suicide".

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Interest ofErnest Becker
Deaths which while suspiciously early, are not necessarily attributable to malice.

The phrase "premature death" is used to record not only deaths which are premature due to illness, but also those which are suspicious. Cases where evidence of foul play is clear should be labelled either as "assassination" (i.e. deliberate killing of this person) or as "murder" (deliberate killing, but possibly not of this particular person).


Deaths from alcohol, other recreational drugs and suicide have risen steadily in US since at least 1999:

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Full article: Suicide

In many cases where the official verdict is "suicide", this site records "premature death" to indicate that circumspection is recommended. Some deaths, such as Richard Chang's feature a suicide note, and so can only be suicide or assassination.

Natural causes?

Many of these deaths are probably due to natural causes, e.g. illness or accident. As with, for example, deaths due to cancer, it may be impossible to attribute individual cases to a particular cause, and yet possible to discern a significant pattern when data is aggregated.

Dead Bankers

Full article: Banker/Premature deaths
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Michael Tyler has researched premature death of bankers, listing over 80 such sudden deaths up to 2018.[1] He lists the 3 most affected banks as Deutsche Bank, UBS and Goldman Sachs.[2]

Other death lists

Joël van der Reijden has published a long ISGP death list, which scores deaths (from 1-5) to indicate how much evidence there is that they were due to foul play. . This list is for cases where the evidence is insufficient to conclude that someone died due to deliberate murder or assassination.



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Premature death victims on Wikispooks

Sheila Abdus-SalaamA US judge
Salvador AllendeThe first marxist to be elected in South America. Deposed by the CIA.
Yasser ArafatLeader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization for 35 years
Manuel ArtimeA spook who died from cancer before he could testify the House Select Committee on Assassinations.
John AsheFormer Chairman of the UN GA who died a conveniently timed and unusual death before he was due to testify in court.
Uwe BarschelGerman politician with arms smuggling connections who died suddenly in what was ruled a suicide.
Leonard BeatonDied aged 41, 3 years afer attended the 1969 Bilderberg. His book, The Reform of Power appeared posthumously in 1972.
Carter BeeseA financier
Nick BegichA US congressman whose small plane disappeared without trace in Alaska, together with Hale Boggs and two other men.
Bjarni BenediktssonPrime Minister of Iceland for most of the 1960s. Died in 1970 from a fire soon after his 4th Bilderberg
Boris BerezovskyA Russian billionaire oligarch who fell out with Vladimir Putin. Found dead in 2013 - the corner returned an open verdict.
Steve BingClinton connected billionaire businessman who fell to his death in 2020.
Robert BlumSpooky US academic diplomat. OSS. Attended the 1956 Bilderberg. Died suddenly aged 54.
Hale BoggsA US House Majority Leader who strongly dissented from the official narrative of the JFK Assassination. His small plane disappeared without trace in Alaska, together with Nick Begich and two other men.
Troy BonerA child victim of the Franklin child prostitution ring who testified to Gary Caridori. Found dead of a drugs overdose.
Sonny BonoSuspiciously killed politician
Maksim BorodinRussian journalist who fell to his death from his apartment in unclear circumstances
Artyom BorovikA Russian journalist who was interested in the Russian apartment bombings.
Robert BoulinFrench politician who died a sudden and irregular death. It was ruled a suicide.
Thomas BowersHead of Deutsche Bank's American wealth-management division. Signed off suspicious loans from to both Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump.
Hubert BrasierFather of Theresa May, died in a car crash
Andrew BreitbartA political commentator who died of "heart failure" after exposing Anthony Weiner's sexting
Ron BrownRon Brown was the United States Secretary of Commerce, serving during the first term of President Bill Clinton. He died in a plane crash along with 34 others.
Alastair BuchanSon of a spook, propagandist and UK deep state operative. Commandant of the Imperial Defence College, four Bilderbergs
Pierre BérégovoyA former French Prime Minister who supposedly committed suicide.
Roberto CalviAn Italian banker dubbed "God's Banker" (Italian: Banchiere di Dio) by the press because of his close association with the Holy See. Found death, hanging from a bridge in London.
Al CaponeInfamous crime boss
Mel CarnahanA US politician who died in a small plane crash in 2000.
Danny CasolaroA researcher into the US Deep state who suffered a bloody fate soon after announcing that he was about to implicate powerful people.
Richard ChangA happy married financier with Abbey National who fell to his death
Diana ChurchillDaughter of Winston Churchill, died of a drug overdose
Pierre ComminFrench politician who suddenly died, reportedly of a heart attack, aged 51.
Michael ConnellA US political consultant who died in a plane crash
Robin CookA UK politician who on the day after 7/7 described Al-Qaida as a product of Western intelligence and insisted that the "war on terror" could not be won by military means.
Michael Corbin
Lionel CrabbA spook whose illadvised fatal dive lead to the early retirement of MI6 Director general, John Sinclair.
Bronson CuttingA US senator whose efforts to reform the banking system appeared to be gaining traction in 1934. He died in a plane crash in 1935.
Alfred DallingerAustrian politician, Bilderberg 1979, died in a small plane crash in 1989
Jerry DanielsA CIA spook who was reportedly poisoned by carbon monoxide.
Gary DeVoreA Hollywood screenwriter who disappeared and was later discovered almost a year later submerged below a bridge in his car.
Richard DescoingSingle Bilderberger who died in unexplained circumstances.
Ahmed DlimiA Moroccan spook who died in suspicious circumstances
Michael H. DoranA lawyer who was working for free to help the relatives of 9-11 victims who refused the US government's 9-11/Compensation fund.
John EarmanA CIA Inspector General for 6 years who opposed Operation Midnight Climax. Very little information is available about him as of 2019.
Klaus EberweinA Haitian government official and businessman who was found dead with gunshot in head, a week before he was due to testify before the Haitian Senate’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.
Beverly EckertThe outspoken wife of a 9/11 victim who refused to accept the 9-11/Compensation fund and forcefully stating "My silence cannot be bought".
Hans EngenPermanent Representative of Norway to the United Nations for 5 years, reportedly died in a skiing accident
Kathy FergusonCo-defendant in the Paula Jones law suit against Bill Clinton. Died violently.
Mohammed Samir FerratMohammed Samir Ferrat was reportedly killed aboard Flight TWA 800. He was a colleague of Ron Brown who had died 3 months earlier in another suspicious plane crash. Prior to the flight his business was in financial difficulties and he had taken more that one multiple life insurance policies and borrowed heavily from would be investors in Ivory Coast and Switzerland.
Desmond FitzGeraldA US Spook and Georgetown Set member who died of a "heart attack"
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