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FounderBhaskar Sunkara

Jacobin is an American socialist quarterly magazine founded in 2010 and based in New York which offers perspectives on politics, economics, and culture. Jacobin has a paid print circulation of 50,000 as of 2020, and a web audience of over 2,000,000 a month.[1]

Its founder Bhaskar Sunkara has said that the aim of the magazine was to create a publication which combined resolutely socialist politics with the accessibility of titles such as The Nation and The New Republic.[2]

In May 2020, some time after Bernie Sanders suspended his 2020 presidental campaign, Sanders' former adviser and speechwriter David Sirota joined Jacobin as editor-at-large.[3]


The name of the magazine derives from the book "The Black Jacobins: Toussaint L'Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution" by C. L. R. James in which James ascribes the Black Haitian revolutionists a greater purity in regards to their attachment to the ideals of the French Revolution than the French Jacobins.[4]


In May 2018, Ronan Burtenshaw, formerly Jacobin’s Europe editor, announced the takeover of the British Tribune magazine. Burtenshaw said acquiring Tribune was a “big challenge” because Jacobin is “not by any stretch a wealthy organisation”.[5]

Left gatekeeper

Jacobin frequently adopts a strong position against (leftist) governments that are target for U.S. regime changes. While theoretically against imperialism, Jacobin frequently attacks these target governments from a left angle. For example, Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro are endlessly lambasted for not being radical enough and for not supposedly implementing the vague concept of “socialism from below.” In the ongoing (2020) U.S. regime change effort in Nicaragua, Jacobin markets the rather right-wing anti-Sandinista activists as grassroots youth deserving of left-wing solidarity. The same with China or Russia or any other target, where the editorial line is surprisingly often in sync with the official enemies narrative.

The effect is a splitting and defusing any leftist opposition to regime changes or meddling in foreign countries.

In 2022, Jacobin supported regime change in Iran.[6]


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TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Jeremy Corbyn’s Opponents Burned the House Down to Stop Him - Now Keir Starmer Is King of the AshesArticleJeremy Corbyn
Keir Starmer
Tom Watson
Margaret Hodge
Iain McNicol
Emilie Oldknow
Gavin Shuker
Labour Party
John Ware
Rebecca Long-Bailey
Palestinian Return Centre
25 July 2020Daniel FinnBy sacking Rebecca Long-Bailey on a trumped-up pretext, Sir Keir Rodney Starmer has set the seal on a drastic shift to the right for the Labour Party. That shift comes just as the key arguments by Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents to justify a break with his left leadership have been falling apart in the face of overwhelming evidence.
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