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(professor, author)
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"Not Saudis, Israelis blew up Twin Towers with help from Zionists in US govt"
Born15 June 1947
Dordrecht, Netherlands
Alma materLeiden University, University of Amsterdam
Exposed • Third rail topics
• Dutch Deep State
Interests • “9-11/Israel did it”
• Wikispooks
"Not Saudis, Israelis blew up Twin Towers with help from Zionists in US govt"

“Across the West, indeed the world, the sort of emergency powers granted to the executive in the United States are being replicated, covered also by increasingly provocative military manoeuvres on the Russian border—partly disrupted by the Covid-19 outbreak. Even though levels of infection are not different in countries with far lighter or even no restrictions, the mainstream reading of events is that we need the state of exception because of the virus. Yet mass surveillance, invasive policing, tracking people’s movements via their mobile phones, by drones flying over public spaces filming passers-by, and other steps, are completely out of proportion to the actual impact of the virus. The discrepancy can only be explained by the hidden agenda of suppressing social unrest.”
Kees van der Pijl (27 April 2020)  Health Emergency or Seizure of Power? The Political Economy of Covid-19 [1]

Kees van der Pijl is a Dutch political scientist who gave up his status as Emeritus Professor of International Relations at the University of Sussex after refusing to retract a link to 9-11/Israel did it article on this website.[2] On 3 November 2018, Kees van der Pijl had tweeted:

"Not Saudis, Israelis blew up Twin Towers with help from Zionists in US govt." The tweet included a link to the article 9-11/Israel did it on this web site.[3]

Van der Pijl is known for his critical approach to global political economy and has published, amongst others, "Flight MH17, Ukraine and the New Cold War. Prism of Disaster" (2018), a trilogy on "Modes of Foreign Relations and Political Economy" (2007, 2010, 2014); "Global Rivalries from the Cold War to Iraq" (2006); "Transnational Classes and International Relations" (1998); and "The Making of an Atlantic Ruling Class" (1984, reprinted 2012).[4] His latest book "States of Emergency: Keeping the Global Population in Check" was published on 31 January 2022.[5] Robin Ramsay gave the book an unfavourable review in the Winter 2022 issue of Lobster magazine.[6]


Kees van der Pijl studied law at Leiden University from 1965 to 1967. After military service as a reserve officer in the Royal Dutch Military Police, and a trip through the Soviet Union to Japan in 1970, he switched to political science, a specialisation taught in Leiden as part of the public law degree. His most influential teachers were Hans Daalder, Ben Sijes, and the Indologist, J.C. Heesterman, with whom he wrote his final thesis on the politics of regional diversity in India. He graduated in 1973 and was hired as a junior lecturer by the Department of International Relations at the University of Amsterdam in that year. In 1983 he received his doctorate at the University of Amsterdam on a thesis titled Imperialism and Class Formation in the North Atlantic Area, supervised by Gerd Junne. He was involved in the Communist Party of the Netherlands (CPN) and also published short stories and three novels (1989, 1992, 1994, all with De Harmonie). Van der Pijl was co-director of the Research Centre for International Political Economy (Recipe) from 1992 to 1998. With Henk Overbeek, Ries Bode, Otto Holman, Bastiaan van Apeldoorn and others, this created a tentative Amsterdam School of global political economy.[7][8]

In 2000, Van der Pijl moved to the United Kingdom to take up the chair in international relations at the University of Sussex, vacant after the retirement of Professor Michael Nicholson. He was appointed director of the Centre for Global Political Economy[9] (CGPE) at that university when it was launched in 2001 (until 2006), and was subject chair/head of the Department of Politics and International Relations from 2002 to 2004. In 2006 he was awarded a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship. He has taught as a visiting professor at the University of Auvergne at Clermont-Ferrand (2005, 2006) and at the L’Orientale University in Naples (2009, 2010). His work has been nominated for prizes in 2007 and 2008 and he was awarded the Deutscher Memorial Prize in 2008 for Nomads, Empires, States (Pluto 2007).[10] On his return to the Netherlands he joined the Dutch Anti-Fascist Resistance (AFVN/BvA, issued from the wartime communist underground). He was its president from 2013 to October 2015 and was involved in launching a Committee of Vigilance Against Resurgent Fascism of which he is the current president.


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Kees van der Pijl stated that Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks "with help from Zionists in the US government", linking in the “9-11/Israel did it” page on this website:

"This article presents evidence that the Israeli deep state was the prime mover in the events of 9/11. Note that it does not imply that other groups (i.e. the US deep state and maybe others) were not involved in both the commission and cover-up of the September 11 attacks.
"The 9/11 event advanced the neocon Project for the New American Century (PNAC) agenda, with its explicitly stated need for 'a catastrophic and catalysing event - like a new Pearl Harbor' in order to mobilise US public opinion for already planned wars, the effects of which would be to destroy Israel's enemies."[11]


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The Great Reset“The Great Reset is one of the labels of what I call »ultra-capitalism«. In this variety of capitalism, the plan is to expropriate all private property that has not yet been absorbed into big corporate property, including the portfolios of large holding companies like BlackRock and Vanguard. Capitalism by itself tends to concentrate and centralise ownership, but in light of popular unrest and economic dysfunction, the WEF project is to accelerate this process top-down and so complete the capitalist trajectory. Private property other than held by the largest units must disappear and the WEF slogan, »You will own nothing and be happy« refers to the presumed end-state of the system. No private car ownership, ideally no air travel, and a slow expropriation of private home ownership would certainly assure the first part of the slogan.”6 August 2023
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