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Date17 July 2014
LocationNear,  Hrabove,  Donetsk Oblast,  Ukraine,  48°8′17″N,  38°38′20″E,  48.13806°N 38.63889°E
Blamed onRussia
Last minutes of MH17 (map overlay by User:Two Dogs)
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Interest ofBellingcat, Christopher Black, Dutch Safety Board, Machiavelli Foundation, Mahathir Mohamad
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DescriptionA Boeing 777-200 plane, of Malaysian Airlines, which crashed in Ukraine, east of Donetsk on 17 July 2014, killing all 298 on board. President of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad was very suspicious of the immediate sole blaming of Russia.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, a Boeing 777-200 passenger plane, registration 9M-MRD, crashed in the Ukraine, east of Donetsk on 17 July 2014. All 298 on board were killed.

Flight MH17 departed the gate at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands at 12:14 hours local time, bound for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was airborne at 12:30 (10:30 UTC) from runway 36C and reached a cruising altitude of FL310 at 12:53 (10:53 UTC). Ninety minutes into the flight, at 12:01 UTC and just prior to entering Ukrainian airspace, the flight climbed to FL330.[1] This altitude was maintained until last contact by ADS-B receivers of a flight tracking website, at 13:21:28 UTC overhead Snizhne, heading 118° at 490 knots. [2]


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The aircraft was flying over an area of vicious fighting in the civil war between the western-backed, coup-imposed Kiev Junta of Petro Poroshenko and dissident, Russian-speaking areas of Eastern Ukraine. Wreckage of the aircraft settled in a dissident-controlled area close to the city of Donetsk.

The civil war in Ukraine is symptomatic of the conflict between the Anglo-US-NATO global hegemony agenda that requires the subjugation of Russia - pursued through relentless Eastward expansion - and the Russia-BRICS resistance to this agenda. The information war surrounding the fate of Flight MH17 reflects this reality and is as intense as that surrounding 9-11. In these circumstances it is inconceivable that both Russia and Anglo-US-NATO were not deploying all the technical surveillance means at their disposal on the Eastern Ukraine region. It is therefore almost certain that both have comprehensive data, satellite images and recordings of voice traffic between the MH17 and the Ukraine ATC's, quite apart from the routine recordings of the Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk ATC facilities themselves, which the Kiev authorities immediately took possession of. As of 17 August 2014, only Russia has released any of this kind of information. [3]

Concurrent NATO exercises

NATO exercise Sea Breeze, involving US and other NATO warships in the Black Sea, ran from 10-21 July 2014 and included "commercial aircraft monitoring" using the AN/SPY1 radar of the AEGIS-Class cruiser USS Vela Gulf.[4] Also present in Ukraine were 200 US Army personnel, normally stationed in Germany, as part of the concurrent NATO exercise Rapid Trident. [5]

Siberia Airlines Flight 1812

On 4 October 2001, in an incident now barely remembered in the West, Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 - a commercial airliner carrying 78 passengers and crew - was shot down by the Ukrainian military over the Black Sea whilst en route from Tel Aviv, Israel to Novosibirsk, Russia, killing all on board. The then Ukrainian government of Leonid Kuchma initially denied any involvement in the loss of the aircraft but was eventually forced by indisputable evidence to admit that it had in fact been accidentally shot down during a military exercise [6]


The long-awaited 'Preliminary Report' by The Dutch Safety Board into the cause of the crash, added little information of significance:
There are no indications that the MH17 crash was caused by a technical fault or by actions of the crew.

The cockpit voice recorder, the flight data recorder and data from air traffic control all suggest that flight MH17 proceeded as normal until 13:20:03 (UTC), after which it ended abruptly. A full listening of the communications among the crew members in the cockpit recorded on the cockpit voice recorder revealed no signs of any technical faults or an emergency situation. Neither were any warning tones heard in the cockpit that might have pointed to technical problems. The flight data recorder registered no aircraft system warnings, and aircraft engine parameters were consistent with normal operation during the flight. The radio communications with Ukrainian air traffic control confirm that no emergency call was made by the cockpit crew. The final calls by Ukrainian air traffic control made between 13.20:00 and 13.22:02 (UTC) remained unanswered.

The pattern of wreckage on the ground suggests that the aircraft split into pieces during flight (an in-flight break up). Based on the available maintenance history the airplane was airworthy when it took off from Amsterdam and there were no known technical problems. The aircraft was manned by a qualified and experienced crew.

Pattern of damage

The Dutch Safety Board didn't explain this picture in their report; it appears this was actually the last picture taken of MH17 before the final flight.[7][8] The photographer is named by Reuters as Yaron Mofaz,[9] who is possibly related with Shaul Mofaz, according to an investigation by Christopher Bollyn.

Apparently the Israeli company GA Telesis - an aviation company headed by Aviv Tzur bought a written off plane from Malaysia Airlines to dismantle it, a 777-200. It was the only plane in their entire fleet, which was looking like the one that crashed and sat in their hangar at least since 2013, flying from France to Israel using a new registration number. The preliminary report of The Dutch Safety Board said that "The pattern of damage to the aircraft fuselage and the cockpit is consistent with that which may be expected from a large number of high-energy objects that penetrated the aircraft from outside." As yet it has not been possible to conduct a detailed study of the wreckage. However, the available images show that the pieces of wreckage were pierced in numerous places. The pattern of damage to the aircraft fuselage and the cockpit is consistent with that which may be expected from a large number of high-energy objects that penetrated the aircraft from outside. It’s likely that this damage resulted in a loss of structural integrity of the aircraft, leading to an in-flight break up. This also explains the abrupt end to the data registration on the recorders, the simultaneous loss of contact with air traffic control and the aircraft's disappearance from radar.

The Dutch Safety Board aims to publish its final report within one year of the date of the crash.[10]

Further investigation

In its preliminary report, the Safety Board presents the initial findings of an investigation that is still fully underway. More research will be necessary to determine more precisely what caused the crash and how the airplane disintegrated. The Board believes that additional evidence will become available in the period ahead. From this point on, the research team will start working towards producing the definitive investigation report. The Board aims to publish the report within one year of the date of the crash.


The draft preliminary report has been sent to the Accredited Representative of the states that participate in the investigation (Malaysia, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Australia) for review. All Accredited Representatives have sent a reaction. The Dutch Safety Board assessed the provided suggestions and amended the report where appropriate.

  • The Dutch Safety Board is bound to international regulations that are set out in the ICAO agreement. One of these regulations prescribes that a draft of the final report must be presented for feedback to all parties which are formally involved. These parties then have sixty days to respond to the draft, after which the Dutch Safety Board must incorporate their feedback. With the mass of the western public having already been very effectively stampeded to the conclusion that Russia/Putin did it, western interests are best served by delaying any evidence to the contrary for as long as possible - and obfuscating any such evidence from other sources; which is precisely what is happening.


Donetsk People's Republic

800 volunteers carried out an intensive search and many bodies were recovered. The black-boxes were handed over to Malaysian officials. Residents came to hand in the personal belongings of victims, and statements were taken from some people. "It appears that they did so with great care and sensitivity" (said Dutch PM). "We are grateful for their help and the respect they showed." [11] Early on, the search team found significant quantities of human remains, mainly in the vicinity of the poultry farm. These were transported immediately to the Netherlands, where the process of identification will now continue. In addition, there are a total of 10 one-cubic-meter packages filled with personal belongings. These include items of great significance to the victims' loved ones, such as photo albums, cameras, jewelry, diaries, passports and cuddly toys.

Actual weather conditions at 12:00
MH17 shootdown graphic from US intelligence report (not included in the preliminary official report)


Primary surveillance radar recorded by Russian surveillance aids and secondary surveillance radar (SSR/Mode S).


The NBAAI (National Bureau of Air Accidents Investigation of Ukraine) made some short visits to the site between 19-21 July and took photographs of items of wreckage. UkSATSE (Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise) provided a graphic of the route of MH17 and other civilian aircraft in the area at the time plus recordings/transcripts between MH17<->UkSATSE and Russian ATC <->UkSATSE. It is worth noting that primary surveillance radar was supplied by the Russian Federation. So Ukrainian-supplied ATC-data was limited to what was available by other means:

A graphic which can easily be derived from internet sources
UkSATSE<->MH17 radio conversations that were available from the cockpit voice recorder anyway.
UkSATSE<-> Russian ATC telephone conversations that the Russian Federation would have had anyway.

The only significant differences made to the crash investigation, by Ukrainian authorities, were in confiscating ATC data and holding back the investigators in Kiev, for several days, whilst they bombed and shelled around the crash site where bodies were rotting in the fields.


If any information was supplied by the USA (fiscal 2013 intelligence budget: $68bn [12]) then it does not appear to have been incorporated into the Preliminary Report.

Criminal Investigation

Full article: Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/Criminal Investigation
Four suspects: 3 Russians and a Ukrainian

On 28 July 2014, a meeting was held at Eurojust in The Hague. Public prosecutors and investigators from the 12 countries involved in the investigation into the crash of MH17 met to discuss their judicial cooperation strategy. Those present were from Ukraine, where MH17 went down, plus the 11 countries whose citizens had been victims - the Netherlands, Australia, Malaysia, UK, [[Belgium], Germany, the Philippines, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia and the USA. Europol and Interpol representatives were also present. A criminal investigation had already commenced, at that time, by Ukrainian, Dutch, Australian, American and Malaysian investigators. The UK response was lead by Dean Haydon.

In April 2016, Police arrested a man on suspicion of trying to assassinate Oleksandr Ruvin, Ukraine’s most senior forensic scientist, the chief expert witness in the investigation into the fate of Malaysia Airlines MH17.[13]

On 19 June 2019, Bellingcat published a report based on SBU phone intercepts that were said to allow the identification of most of the individuals alleged to be involved in the downing of MH17, and some new suspects.[14] On the same day, at a press conference in the Netherlands by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), the Dutch chief prosecutor, Fred Westerbeke announced that four suspects are to face murder charges for the shooting down of MH17 in a trial due to start in March 2020 in the Netherlands. The suspects were named as Igor Girkin, a former colonel of Russia’s FSB spy service; Sergey Dubinskiy, employed by Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency; and Oleg Pulatov, a former soldier with the GRU’s special forces spetsnaz unit. All were Russian soldiers previously sent abroad. A fourth suspect, Leonid Kharchenko, is a Ukrainian who was alleged to have led a military combat unit in the city of Donetsk.[15]

NATO poodles

Christopher Black commented:

The little NATO poodles in Netherlands have been ordered to fake some charges and base them on the claims made by Bellingcat, an MI6 asset. Then they will run a fake trial and ensure a fake conviction as they try to write history but they can never cover up the fact that it was NATO and Kiev that shot down the civilian airliner and the world knows it.[16]


The trial of four suspects began on 6 September 2021. About 90 relatives of the victims will speak at the high-security court in Schiphol over the three weeks.[17]

Unanimity at the UN

UNSC's moment of silence for MH17 victims

On Monday 21 July 2014, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) unanimously adopted Resolution 2166 calling for a full and independent investigation into the crash of Flight MH17 and demanding that international officials are given safe access the crash site. The UNSC’s five permanent members are China, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Russia. Its ten non-permanent members at the time of the vote were Argentina, Australia, Chad, Chile, Jordan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Nigeria, South Korea and Rwanda.[18]

Deafening American Silence

The deafening silence of the US media and government about the investigation into the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 reeks of a cover-up. In the hours and days immediately after the crash, without a single shred of evidence, US officials alleged that the passenger jet was shot down by an SA-11 ground-to-air missile fired from pro-Russian separatist-held territory in eastern Ukraine. They launched a political campaign to obtain harsh economic sanctions against Russia and strengthen NATO’s military posture in Eastern Europe.

Picking up on the scent, the CIA attack-dogs in the US and European media blamed the crash squarely on Russian President Vladimir Putin. The cover of the July 28 print edition of German news magazine Der Spiegel showed the images of MH17 victims surrounding bold red text reading "Stoppt Putin Jetzt!" (Stop Putin Now!). A July 26 editorial in the Economist declared Putin to be the author of MH17’s destruction, while the magazine ghoulishly superimposed Putin’s face over a spider web on its front cover, denouncing Putin’s "web of lies".

Anyone comparing the media’s demonisation of Putin with their treatment of Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi had to conclude that Washington was launching a campaign for regime change in Russia like those it carried out in Libya and Iraq — this time, recklessly pushing the United States towards war with a nuclear-armed power, Russia.

Having built up the crash into a casus belli against Russia, however, the US media suddenly dropped the matter completely. The New York Times has not found it fit to print a word on the MH17 crash since August 7. There is no innocent explanation for the sudden disappearance of MH17 from the media and political spotlight. The aircraft's black box download-data has been held by the Dutch Safety Board for weeks, and US and Russian spy satellites and military radar were intensively scanning east Ukraine at the time of the crash. The claim that Washington does not have detailed knowledge of the circumstances of the crash and the various forces involved is not credible. If the evidence that is in Washington’s hands incriminated only Russia and the Russian-backed forces, it would have been released to feed the media frenzy against Putin. If it has not been released, this is because the evidence points to the involvement of the Ukrainian regime in Kiev and its backers in Washington and the European capitals.[19]

Lockerbie-type MH17 trial rejected

In July 2015, Russia was reported to have ruled out suggestions of a highly partial and Western-dominated court being set up to try those responsible for the crash, and has rejected any idea of a UK/US tribunal, such as the Lockerbie bombing trial at Camp Zeist in Holland, where the Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was framed by the CIA and wrongly convicted by Scottish judges sitting without a jury. Nearly one year after the crash, some unconfirmed media reports were suggesting that Malaysia or the Netherlands were seeking a UN Security Council resolution to set up an independent international tribunal.[20]

On 29 July 2015, Russia vetoed a UN Security Council draft resolution that would have set up an international tribunal to prosecute those suspected of downing flight MH17, saying discussion of a tribunal should be postponed until two Dutch-led investigations into the crash release their reports. Eleven countries on the 15-member council voted in favour of the proposal by Malaysia, Australia, the Netherlands and Ukraine, while three countries abstained: China, Angola and Venezuela.

"What are the grounds to be assured of the impartiality of such an investigation?" Russian ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin said in a speech to the UNSC after the vote. He asked how it could resist an "aggressive backdrop of propaganda in the media".

The Kremlin said Mr Putin “expressed regret” that the countries had not supported a compromise resolution put forward by Russia.[21]


Alternative Positions

Some airlines avoided overflying Eastern Ukraine

In a statement issued late in the day on 17 July 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin said:

"I want to note that this tragedy would not have happened if there were peace on this land, if the military actions had not been renewed in southeast Ukraine. And, certainly, the state over whose territory this occurred bears responsibility for this awful tragedy."

A report originally posted to Russia Today shortly after the downing suggested that the real target of the missile might have been President Putin’s plane, which was said to have been scheduled to fly over the exact same airspace as MH17 less than an hour after it was shot down. This claim has since been retracted and RT has noted that Putin has been avoiding Ukrainian airspace altogether since the recent coup in Kiev.

According to a report circulating widely in the alternative media, a Spanish air traffic controller working in the Ukraine on 17 July 2014 tweeted a series of messages indicating that the Ukrainian military shot down the flight and that "Kiev authorities" and "foreigners" subsequently took over the civilian air traffic control center overseeing the disputed airspace in an apparent cover-up. The twitter account (@spainbuca) of the alleged air traffic controller, "Carlos," was then reportedly removed. [UPDATE: Global Research is now reporting that this story is likely fake and that sources indicate the tweets were being sent out of London.][22]

But where is the evidence?

Flight MH17 victims' coffins transported by military aircraft from Ukraine to the Netherlands

Even before a proper investigation has been conducted on the downing of MH17, Washington has laid blame on Russia. But where is the evidence? On 23 July 2014, Russia Today's Peter Lavelle hosted a video conference with:

Alexander Mercouris, legal expert and analyst;
Christopher Walker, former bureau chief of the Times in Moscow;
Mark Sleboda, international affairs and security analyst; and,
Andrew Liakhov, a leading aviation lawyer and a specialist in aviation security.

This is the concluding comment (from Mark Sleboda):

"I have to say that I don’t expect any black and white answer to come out of these investigations whatsoever. Even the BBC reported off-hand in their timeline that in the immediate hours after the crash the Ukrainian regime intelligence services confiscated the air traffic control records in Kiev. I do not believe that the delay of the real international inspectors in Kiev for four days – four days when bodies lay rotting in the field - so that in the end, they had to be moved before the inspectors actually got there! I don’t believe it’s a coincidence.
"From the very first hours after the crash the Ukrainian regime has done everything possible to militarily exploit the crash and launch new devastating offences on Eastern Ukraine. New tanks, airstrikes, heavy artillery, some of them in Donetsk while international inspectors – three Dutch forensics investigators - were in Donetsk trying to get to the crash site.
"The tragedy – MH17, the 300 victims – there is no taking away from that! It is no less a tragedy what is happening to the people in East Ukraine right now. This is directly being completely blacked out and ignored by the Western press!
"In the last four days alone, 300 innocent civilians, not even counting self-defence, have been killed by the Ukrainian regime’s military… That is an equal number. Are their lives somehow of less value than the lives of the people on that plane? No!"[23]

Why has Yatsenyuk really resigned?

On 24 July 2014, John Goss posted this article to his blog:

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the Ukrainian prime minister, who was leading the fascists, Pravy Sector and Svoboda party coalition, that ousted Viktor Yakunovych in a coup d'état, resigned yesterday, Thursday. His ostensible reason for resigning was, he said, due to the breakup of the coalition and the non-adoption of certain bills he had backed. Yes, well, you have to say something when you go. So what is the real reason behind his resignation?
While at this stage nobody properly knows it has been a week of intense activity in Ukraine, not least due to the shooting down of the MH17 Malaysian passenger plane which killed all the passengers on board. This has overshadowed most other news worldwide. It is an odd time to resign, when an investigation into who brought down the plane is ongoing. The time to resign would have been before the plane was downed.
Reading between the lines does Yatsenyuk know something the rest of us do not? Radar tracking images presented by Russia indicate a military jet was accompanying the passenger plane until shortly before MH17 was attacked. Satellite images raise many questions too. Is Yatsenyuk's real reason for resigning because he is a lawyer and knows that those responsible for this deliberate act of criminality are quite likely to face justice and the full measure of international law when the truth emerges?[24]

A tragedy that should have never happened

Wreckage of Flight MH17 near the village of Petropavlivka, Donetsk region, 24 July 2014

According to Peter Lavelle, there is a real civil war being fought in Ukraine. The fabric of social life is collapsing and war crimes are being committed. The downing of Malaysian flight MH17 is a tragedy that should have never happened. These are all facts and almost all of us in media covering this conflict can find common agreement regarding these points. Sadly, this is where agreement comes to an end. Ukraine’s calamity is victim of an information war and propaganda. I can’t think of a better example of this than from my appearance on CNN’s "News Day" being questioned by Chris Cuomo. Commentary on our encounter to date describes it as a "battle," "shouting match," and a "brawl." All of these appellations apply if one only focuses on how the "interview" appeared in form. What is more important - and not commented on - is the content of the "give and take" slug match.

Being the interviewer, Cuomo from the outset forcefully attempted to frame the interview – and that framing was to blame Russia for the downing of MH17. He appealed to emotion using moral indignation. I refused to participate in his charade. In fact, I was determined to rely on facts as much as possible. This is what generated all the fireworks.

As soon as it was reported that MH17 was brought down, Western media immediately pointed the finger of blame at Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Over the next few days, media outlets went into a hysteric frenzy portraying Russia in the most horrific fashion. This is not particularly new – Western media is well known for its anti-Russian editorial lines. What I found extremely distressing this time around was that this hysteric frenzy was unleashed based on little or any facts to draw conclusions about MH17. Cuomo, CNN, and other Western media outlets again committed massive journalistic malpractice.

My take coming away from the interview was Cuomo conducted himself like a "drama queen" appealing to emotions and probably his sense of moral justice. However, emotions and any sense moral justice are not substitutes for facts. As journalists it is incumbent on us to report on the facts and only the facts. Cuomo appeared unable to marshal basic facts about what has been happening Ukraine over the past half year.

He also appeared unable to put the tragedy of MN17 into context. This constitutes epic failure on the part of CNN. Additionally, Cuomo’s fixation on my place of employment was a cheap shot and a desperate attempt to "shoot the messenger", because the "message" challenged the corporate media’s hastily assembled narrative on Ukraine in general. I work at RT as host of the debate program called "CrossTalk." Unlike CNN, at "CrossTalk" we have real and often very heated debate. As host of the program I may not like or agree with a guest’s point of view, but all points of view are given a fair hearing. And ad hominem attacks are not allowed.

Lastly, I am convinced I was asked to appear on CNN for the sole purpose of discrediting RT and myself. Well, it backfired and badly so.

Cuomo’s performance was sketchy, his knowledge questionable, and his professional responsibly to establish facts absent. To sum up my experience with CNN, I propose readers and viewers answer the following questions: Who uses tragedy to fight an information war? Who is the propagandist willing to say anything to frame a story?[25]


All 283 passengers and 15 crew died. The crew were Malaysian and of the passengers, 193 were Dutch nationals, 43 Malaysians, 27 Australians, 12 Indonesians and 10 British.

Among the passengers were delegates en route to the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, including Joep Lange, a former president of the International AIDS Society, which organised the conference. Many initial reports erroneously indicated 100 attendees of the conference were aboard but this was later revised to six. Some have suggested that the researchers may have been planning a high profile questioning of the origins of AIDS, and drawn a parallel with the head of the WHO's AIDS programme, Jonathan Mann, who also died in a plane crash (Swissair 111).[26] Also on board were Dutch senator Willem Witteveen, Australian author Liam Davison, and Malaysian actress Shuba Jay.

Jane Burgermeister attempted to bring legal proceedings against the WHO in connection with bird flu. She reports that the WHO media coordinator whom she emailed in 2009, Glenn Thomas, was a passenger on flight MH17.[27]

At least twenty family groups were on board the aircraft, and eighty of the passengers were children. An Australian family lost relatives on both MH17 and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared four months earlier.[28]

Support for the families

On 23 July 2014, Dr Jim Swire wrote an article in The Telegraph advising the MH17 relatives to form a support group:

After Lockerbie, there was no support group, no protocol and many mistakes were made. We were kept in the dark by the authorities and treated insensitively by politicians and the media. It took many years of persistence to feel we had achieved any level of justice.
I would advise the families of MH17 victims to form a group, perhaps taking advice from the charity "Disaster Action", which was established in 1991 by relatives in the aftermath of Lockerbie and other tragedies. They need to appoint a legal counsel and a spokesman. They must insist on being kept informed at every stage of the investigation.
Some relatives will want justice, others to forget, but some may demand revenge. I will never forget being approached at the Lockerbie trial by another relative who suggested that the answer was "to nuke Tripoli". This hunger for retribution will stalk some lives in the months and years to come, but it will only damage them.
Incredibly to some, the convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi became my friend before he died. I had come to believe firmly that he was innocent of any involvement. It helped my grieving process.
But first, for the traumatised families of the victims of MH17, the bodies must be recovered and returned home. Then the truth must come out. After that, their healing can begin.[29]

Concluding a lengthy interview with John Humphrys on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme on 24 July 2014, Dr Swire said:

I worked for the BBC for 18 months and learned about electronics so I knew a lot about the mechanics of how the disaster had been caused. What I didn’t understand was the way that politicians work. And my experience now is that they work to augment or protect their own power rather than to discover the real truth. What the MH17 relatives need is the truth, the whole truth delivered promptly and unequivocally to them. And to do that, they would be in a better position, I think, if they form a group to whom that truth can be delivered.[30]


Efforts to reach the truth about flight MH17 continue as of 2019.[31]

Competing theories

Full article: Malaysia Airlines Flight 17/Competing theories

Tony Gosling has suggested that if may not be coincidence that two recent commercial airliners downed were both Malaysian. He notes that Malaysia has been one of the staunchest opponents of the US government's "war on terror", and suggests that the plane's misfortunes may be an attempt at intimidation.[32]

Competing theories include:

  1. Ukrainians did it with a SAM
  2. Ukrainians did it with an aircraft
  3. Russians did it
  4. Dissidents did it
  5. MH17 had a bomb on board


Related Quotation

Mahathir Mohamad“The conclusions of the Joint Investigation Team that there's a clear link with Russia is hearsay. We as Malaysians are very unhappy because it became a political case from the start just to be able to accuse Russia of wrongdoing.”Mahathir Mohamad2019


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The Official Culprit

RussiaThe largest nation state in the world
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