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FounderPierre Omidyar
Sponsor ofAfrica Check, American University, Avalanche, BBC Media Action, Center for International Governance Innovation, European Digital Rights, Civix, Reporters Without Borders, Fuse Corps, Global Press Institute, International Center for Journalists, openDemocracy, Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, Race Forward, Transparency International, Correctiv, Democracy Works, Freedom Voices Network, Full Fact, Global Disinformation Index, Global Witness, Journalism Development Network, Media Monitoring Africa, Mozilla Foundation, Neo Philanthropy, New Media Ventures Innovation Fund, Open Secrets, Paris Peace Forum, Partnership on AI, Social Impact Fund, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, The Correspondent, The Democratic Society, The Ferret, The Open Trust, Center for Media Justice, Full Fact, Global Integrity, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, New Media Ventures Innovation Fund, Open Society Foundation, Poynter Institute, Pop Culture Collaborative, Reporters Without Borders, Hromadske TV, Yangon Journalism School, Africa Check, Code for America, Open Myanmar Initiative,, Rhodes University, Committee to Protect Journalists, World Wide Web Foundation, Center for Public Integrity, NewsTrust, Refugees United, Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, Media Development Investment Fund, Forbidden Stories, Media Defence
Pierre Omidyar's foundation for financing global media and civil society groups. It is unknown how close it aligns to certain US government agencies.

Luminate is a spin-off of the Omidyar Network, concentrating on financing a plethora of global media and civil society organizations, in a way that in reminiscent on how the CIA did it during the Cold War with its Mighty Wurlitzer,to promote the preferred narrative.


Luminate states that "the last few years have seen a profound shift in the political environment (...) Trust in experts, institutions, and the media has been eroded. The spread of misinformation and the devaluation of truth have created echo chambers that are entrenching views and polarising communities. Populist politicians are exploiting this, leading to a rise in authoritarian governments and the greater prevalence of insular, nationalist perspectives."

Luminate’s global work has supported 280 organisations, in 17 countries with over $360 million in funding. One of the focus areas is financing journalists and fact checkers.

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