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(Celebrity, Singer)
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Being a celebrity who dissents from the ON will not be tolerated by the corporate media
BornOnika Tanya Maraj
8 December 1982
Trinidad and Tobago
NationalityAmerican, Trinidad and Tobago
Victim of • Twitter/Censorship
• Media manipulation
Interests • “COVID-19/Vaccine”
• “Vaccine hesitancy”
American rapper who has dissented over COVID-19, and been slandered by the legacy media.

Nicki Minaj is one of the worlds most famous female rappers.

In September 2021 she was attacked by the governments of the United Kingdom and Trinidad and Tobago and the corporate media for her tweets about the COVID-19/Vaccine. She admitted to having vaccine hesitancy, and told people to do their own research before they make any personal decisions. She was accused of peddling misinformation to Black Americans, who are less likely to have had the injection.[1]


She is one of the best selling female artists of all time with 100 million records sold worldwide.

COVID-19 controversy

Nicki Minaj tweeted about the blatant and instant media manipulation.

Minaj has been one of few celebrities to not promote the COVID vaccine to her fans. Most black celebrities have been recruited to promote them; as vaccine hesitancy is high among not only black Americans, but people in the Caribbean and Africa.

In September 2021 sent a number of tweets about the COVID-19/Vaccine, revealing that she herself had vaccine hesitancy and therefore would not attend the MET Gala nor perform at the MTV VMAs, as there was a vaccine passport requirement. She did not want to travel as she has a young baby. She also tweeted about her relative of her cousin who had adverse side effects to the vaccine. She was attacked by the CCM as an Anti-vaxxer.[2] Joy Reid from MSNBC went hard against Minaj, accusing her of being a conspiracy theorist for promoting "Vaccine hesitancy in the Black community".[3]

Minaj twitter.png

A Guardian journalist contaccted Minaj’s cousin in a private chat on WhatsApp. She explained that CNN was also in the country “looking” for him and they would “not hesitate” to dox him and his girlfriend if they found them. The Guardian reporter then claimed that the man’s identity, and where his loved ones lived, would be safe if he completed an interview with The Guardian. Minaj posted the screenshots of the direct messages between the reporter and her family member to Instagram, and explained that her family has been forced to “hide out” because she spoke against the “science.”

Piers Morgan got trolled.[4] Chris Whitty and Boris Johnson mentioned her in the daily COVID press conference.[5] Boris named her but admitted he didn't know who she was. Whitty said that "myth spreaders like Nicki Minaj should be ashamed". [6]

Minaj trolled back at Whitty and Johnson. She also called Laura Kuenssberg a "dumbo" for unnecessarily chiming in.[7]

Tucker Carlson praised her on Tucker Carlson Tonight.[8] The Trinidadian government said her claims were baseless.[9]

She was locked out of Twitter[10] and has spoken out about censorship.[11]

The White House contacted her and offered to arrange a phone call between her and one of the governments' doctors.[12]

Personal life

She gave birth to her first child, a baby boy in September 2020.

Her father was killed in hit and run in February 2021.[13]


Related Quotation

Joy Reid“Essentially, she made public her own vaccine deliberation, which according to trusted friends is a better way to describe vaccine hesitancy, which by the way is not the same thing as refusal. By doing, Nicki also used her social media platform and her 22 million Twitter followers to cast doubt on the vaccine to a heavily Black audience”Joy Reid14 September 2021
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