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Today's mercenaries.

A Private Military Corporation, short PMC (or Private Military Company, or Private Military Contractor), is the rebranding of the concept of the mercenary. Tim Spicer and others put much effort into promoting these euphemisms through the 1990s through glossy PR efforts to make such organizations appear a normal and respectable part of the corporate mainstream.


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PMCs often operate de facto beyond the reach of any effective law.

“The sector still has no binding regulations, though. It doesn’t even have an agreed-upon definition of a private military or security company.”
Abigail Fielding-Smith,  Crofton Black,  The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (January 2019)  [1]

United Kingdom

Labour Prime Minister, Harold Wilson attempted to ban mercenaries, but was thwarted by the UK Deep state, which was using Keenie Meenie Services for a range of operations.[2]



Page nameDescription
Aegis Defence ServicesPMC founded in 2002 by Cercle attendee Tim Spicer
ArmorGroupOne of the largest private security firms operating in Iraq
ArmorGroup/North America
BlackwaterBlackwater was a huge US-based private military contractor infamous for a string of scandals.
Control RisksA British "private security" company set up in 1975 by David Walker (SAS), comparable to Kroll Inc set up in New York in 1972
DynCorpA long established private military contractor. Whistleblowers have alleged that the group engages in child sex trafficking amongst other activities.
Executive OutcomesA private military contractor which offered "Security management" and "full-service risk management consulting". It operated during the 1990s and boasted 500 military advisers and over 3000 military personnel, largely drawn from the South African Civil Cooperation Bureau.
Global Strategies Group
HalliburtonMurky US PMC
Janusian Security Risk Management
Keenie Meenie ServicesA private military contractor implicated in Iran Contra. Bought out in 1977 by Major David Walker (SAS).
Phoenix Close Protection
Sabre International SecurityA PMC which profited big in Iraq from the war and then vanished when the going was not good.
Saladin Security Ltd
Sandline International
South African Institute for Maritime ResearchSpecial forces group, "a front for Britain's MI6"
Strategic SocialAmerican intelligence and communications firm
Turi Defense Group
Wagner GroupA well known ruthless private military contractor. Its founders were involved in a chaotic coup in 2023.


Related Quotation

Far West“There are two kinds of businesses: those which flourish from peace and the strengthening of law and those which require the opposite - zones of incessant chaos like Chechnya Colombia Afghanistan where drugs can be grown or trafficked under the watch of PMCs.”Peter Dale Scott26 February 2006


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