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PredecessorKMS Ltd
Formation19 May 1978
FounderDavid Walker (SAS)
Parent organizationKeenie Meenie Services
Type• private
• military

Saladin Security Ltd. is a private military contractor. The main company is based in London and was created as a subsidiary of Keenie Meenie Services[1]. Saladin Security has been tasked with protecting the Canadian Embassy in Afghanistan[2].


Saladin Security Limited was founded by David Walker, in May 1978[3][4].

The official history of Saladin Security is outlined on the organisations website:

"Saladin, with its predecessor KMS Ltd, has provided security services since 1975. It was the original company to offer specialist security services in difficult and high risk areas of the world. Early years saw Saladin providing protection for many overseas governments, and for the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The company worked extensively in Africa and the Middle East, but provided services on all continents, including for nine Heads of State and for many government dignitaries".
"Towards the end of the 1980s the company reorganised, developed and extended its range of conventional security services and started working consistently with commercial companies. The oil & gas industry and mining companies continue to be important clients".
"The company is staffed primarily by ex-members of the Armed Forces and Police, who have great experience of the relevant skills and systems. Specialists in other disciplines are brought in as necessary"[5].

Individual Organisations

Saladin Security operate through three separate organisations: Saladin Technical Services, Saladin Security Afghanistan and Kensec LTD.

Saladin Technical Services

According to the Saladin Security profile for Saladin Technical Services:

Security of information is a vital consideration in modern government and commercial activity. Saladin Technical Services (STS), based in London, is an acknowledged leader in this field. The company recruits the expert services of top military and security personnel in order to offer appropriate skills and expertise to clients. It has worked in the UK, Western & Eastern Europe including the Balkans, Russia, the Middle East, North Africa and the USA.[6].

Saladin Security Afghanistan

According to the Saladin Security profile of Saladin Security Afghanistan:

"Saladin's Afghan subsidiary has had a permanent security presence in the country since 2002. It is based in Kabul and deploys Afghan security guards throughout the country".
"All normal security services are provided, mainly for foreign government missions, commercial companies and NGOs. This includes both static and vehicle-borne armed guards and quick reaction teams. All the normal Saladin services can be provided through the Afghan office".


"Saladin currently employs in excess of 2000 indigenous security personnel and strives to maintain an ethnically diverse work force. We are also a partner with UNDP in their efforts to reintegrate ex-combatants through the DDR program. Saladin personnel are given comprehensive training and a package of benefits unsurpassed in Afghanistan. These include but are not limited to regulated well paid work hours, English language training and access to our own medical facilities".
"The Company is registered and licensed with the Ministry of Interior — Reference I — 10101"[7].


According to the Saladin Securtity profile of Kensec:

"KENSEC provides a guard service in the UK of the highest quality. It is the company's determined policy to provide guards who are meticulous in the execution of their duties, responsive to the broader needs of clients, and at all times presentable and courteous. Jewellery companies are a speciality".
"Guards are very carefully selected, normally from a military background, security vetted and comprehensively trained. They are carefully supervised by professionals with the management skills to ensure the success of every task"[8].

Partick Mercer Visit to Afghanistan

In 2004 Saladin Security paid for Patrick Mercer the Conservative MP for Newark and Retford to visit Afghanistan. The entry in Mercer's register of interests reads as follows:

"19-25 June 2004, to Afghanistan and Pakistan on fact-finding visit. Flights and accommodation paid for by Saladin Security Limited. (Registered 29 June 2004)"[9].


The Saladin Group
7 Abingdon Road
W8 6AH

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