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(Investigative journalist)
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Died2018-01-27 (Age 68)
ExposedIran Contra
Founder ofConsortium News
Interests • October surprise
• Iran Contra
• George H. W. Bush
Veteran US investigative reporter

Not to be confused with Robert T. Parry.

Robert Parry was an investigative journalist who broke many of the "Iran-Contra" stories for the Associated Press and Newsweek in the 1980s. He also is well known for his Frontline documentaries on the October Surprise scandal.[1]


Parry founded Consortiumnews in 1995 as the internet's first investigative magazine. He saw it as a way to combine modern technology and old-fashioned journalism to counter the increasing triviality of the US commercially-controlled media


Parry published various non-fiction books. His first, in 1992, was Fooling America.


Documents by Robert Parry

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:A Long History of America's Dark Sidearticle7 October 2010"Terrorism"
US/Foreign policy
Americans are encouraged to unquestioningly view their country and its soldiers as the "good guys" spreading “democracy” and “liberty” around the world. When the US inflicts death and destruction, it’s viewed as a mistake or an aberration. This article reviews the long history of these acts of brutality, a record that suggests they are neither a “mistake” nor an “aberration” but a conscious counterinsurgency doctrine on the "dark side".
Document:MH-17 Mystery: A New Tonkin Gulf Case?article17 July 2015"Gulf of Tonkin Incident"
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
A First anniversary retrospective drawing a compelling parallel with the 'Gulf of Tonkin incident' which became the casus belli for the Vietnam war.
Document:MH-17 Slips into propaganda fogarticle9 July 2015Malaysia Airlines Flight 17Almost a year ago, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine killing 298 people. Yet, instead of a transparent investigation seeking justice, the case became a propaganda game of finger-pointing, with the CIA withholding key evidence all the better to blame Russia


A Quote by Robert Parry

"Fake News"“In the article, the [Washington] Post blurred the lines between “fake news” – stories that are simply made up – and what was deemed “propaganda,” in effect, information that didn’t jibe with what the U.S. State Department was saying.”28 February 2017Consortium News


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