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Sponsor ofAmerican Enterprise Institute, American Academy for Strategic Education, Atlantic Council, Brookings Institution, Center for a New American Security, Center for European Policy Analysis, RUSI, Center for the National Interest, Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, Council on Foreign Relations, Dui Hua Foundation, EMP Task Force on Homeland Security, foreign Policy Research Insitute, Foundation for Resilient Societies, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, Freedom House, Hoover Institution, Hudson Institute, Institute for State Effectiveness, Institute for Science and International Security, Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, Institute for the Study of War, Jamestown Foundation, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, Johns Hopkins University, National Bureau of Asia Research, National Institute for Public Policy, New America Foundation, Pacific Forum CSIS, Peterson Institute, Potomac Foundation, RAND, Securing America's Future Energy, Small Wars Foundation, Urban Institute, Volcker Alliance, World Affairs Institute, America Abroad Media, Atlas Foundation, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Checkerboard Foundation, CNA Corporation, Campaign Finance Institute, German Marshall Fund, WMD Center, American Ditchley Foundation, Ethics and Public Policy Center, Cheng Li, Accuracy in Media, American Foreign Policy Council
CIA front organization that funds select projects with $$$


“To say the [Smith Richardson] foundation was involved at every level in the lobbying for and crafting of the so-called global war on terror after 9/11 would be an understatement,” wrote Kelley Vlahos in a profile of Nadia Schadlow, a former Trump administration deputy national security advisor who previously worked as the senior program director for Smith Richardson.[1]

The Foundation is one of the large donors to projects and NGOs closely aligned with US government objectives. The list is select entries from their form 990, 2011-2019.

According to an article in the April 18, 1981 edition of The Nation, The Smith Richardson Foundation not only has CIA agents reviewing grants, but also provides management training to the CIA and the Defense Department through an affiliate organization.[2]

Funding the Integrity Initiative

The Smith Richardson Foundation gave the Integrity Initiative £45,000 for cluster activities in Europe and the USA.


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