Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies

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FounderArthur Wellesley
HeadquartersWhitehall, London
LeaderRoyal United Services Institute/Director
TypeInternational security and defence think tank
Membership• Jeremy Blackham
• Thomas Boyd-Carpenter
• David Omand
• Peter Keith Levene
• Julian Oswald
• David Veness
• Gerald Grosvenor
• John Weston
• Paul Lever
• Kamal Alam
• Margaret Aldred
• Simon Ancona
• Roy Anderson
• Henri Bentégeat
• Robert Fulton
• Lord Garden
• Bruce George
• Nik Gowing
• Timothy Granville-Chapman
• John Howe
• John Kiszely
• Jamie MacIntosh
• Eliza Manningham-Buller
• Susanna Mason
• Mungo Melvin
• Cornelia Meyer
• Richard Myers
• Pauline Neville-Jones
• Edward Oakden
• Kevin O'Donoghue
• David Omand
• Wolfgang Schneidehan
• Julian Scopes
• Andrew Sleigh
• Nicholas Soames
• Peter Spencer
• Jock Stirrup
• Ian Stopps
• Hew Strachan
• Ian Thomas
• Richard Norton-Taylor
• Chris Pope Richard Cobbold
• Michael Clarke
• Jonathan Eyal
• Keith Hayward
• Mark Joyce
• Amyas Godfrey
• Michael Rance
• Kenneth W. Allen
• Christopher Boucek
• Humphry Crum Ewing
• Ken Freeman
• M. J. Gohel
• Ellie Goldsworthy
• John Hughes-Wilson
• Tony Hulton
• Irina Isakova
• George Joffé
• James Ker-Lindsay
• David Kirkpatrick
• Paul Latawski
• Jon Marks
• Graham Messervy-Whiting

The Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies is, in its own estimation, a "unique institution".

Official narrative

The group's stated purpose is to "study, promote debate and provide options on all issues relating to national and international defence and security".[1] Published six times a year, the RUSI Journal is the Institute's flagship publication on national and international defence and security issues.


Founded in 1831 by Arthur Wellesley it is based in the centre of Whitehall. It states that "its original mission "was to study naval and military science, what Clausewitz called the art of war. It still does so." This has extende dinto areas of defence management and defense procurement. In recent years it has broadened it remit " to include all issues of defense and security, including "terrorism" and the ideologies which foster it."

Its special guests in recent years have included President Bush, the Prime Minister, The secretary general of NATO and the Director General of the Security Service. The chief of Defence Staff traditionally speaks at RUSI once a year.

The RUSI Council




Associate Fellows

Dr. Valur Ingimundarson Associate Fellow | Prof. Keith Hayward Associate Fellow | Mark Joyce Americas Fellow | Amyas Godfrey Associate Fellow | Michael Rance Associate Fellow | Kenneth W Allen Associate Fellow | Christopher Boucek | Humphry Crum Ewing Associate Fellow | Ken Freeman Associate Fellow | M J Gohel Associate Fellow | Ellie Goldsworthy | John Hughes-Wilson Associate Fellow | Tony Hulton Associate Fellow | Dr. Irina Isakova Associate Fellow | George Joffé Associate Fellow | Dr. James Ker-Lindsay Associate Fellow | David Kirkpatrick Associate Fellow | Dr Paul Latawski Associate Fellow | Jon Marks | Major General (Retd) Graham Messervy-Whiting CBE Associate Fellow[2]