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Heavily censored by Western corporate/governments for Covid-19 coverage and other deep state subjects.

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"Travelling The World, Writing What People Need To Know"

Owner: Ryan Cristian
Constitutes: Independent media

Main focus: COVID-19, Epstein Affair, The Deep State, COVID-19/Purposes
Members: Whitney Webb,  Derrick Broze,  Taylor Hudak

The Last American Vagabond is a highly recommended US independent media site with extensive coverage of deep politics. Founded by Ryan Cristián, it publishes several radio shows a week, plus numerous articles. Having covered items such as the Clinton body count, 9/11, false flag and the Epstein affair, it came to particular prominence in 2020, analyzing and exposing the agendas behind COVID-19.

The site is noted for its meticulous use of references, especially during COVID-19, where its use of scientific studies far surpassed both corporate media outlets and most other independent media. Using these studies, the program was able to demolish the official narrative on every aspect of the event.

“They don't call it misinformation unless you are able to scientifically reference it.”
Ryan Cristián,  The Last American Vagabond (2021)  [1]


Links to the domain have been automatically shadowbanned by Reddit at the admin level for some time. In October 2020 YouTube removed the channel of The Last American Vagabond.[2] In February 2021, the subscription service Patreon banned the site.


A Quote by The Last American Vagabond

"Radicalisation"“These days kids know well that if you want to get famous and discussed by media for three weeks straight, then go shoot somebody and they will probably talk about you. That's the kind of stuff they train kids to think, without saying that. That's a horrible thing to say,but it's the truth. If you are a deranged kid out there, you're suicidal and want to be remembered, they are telling you, here's what to do. That's what radicalization looks like in the real world, not the fairytale they are building. Corporate media, the two-party paradigm, radicalize people every day. Having information in front of you, even crazy stuff, that is not what's doing that.”2 November 2022


Known members

All 3 of the members already have pages here:

Derrick Broze
Taylor Hudak
Whitney WebbInvestigative journalist who has published many aspects of The Deep State
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