The Road To 9-11

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Publication date2007
Author(s)Peter Dale Scott
SubjectsAl Qaeda,  “War on Terror”,  Supranational Deep State,  Supranational Deep State/History,  USDS,  9-11,  Watergate Coup,  October Surprise,  Deep Events,  Strategy of Tension,  CoG,  Statecraft/Analysis

This page is about the book by Peter Dale Scott, see US/Deep state for the Wikispooks article on the US Deep state.

The Road To 9-11 — Wealth, Empire and the Future of America is a book by Peter Dale Scott which focuses on actors and their motives for creating a parallel power structure — overt and covert — which by now (2020) has overwhelmed the democratic state.


“(Headed by Frank Wisner, OPC's) first project was an arrangement for the creation and support of right wing stay behind groups in Europe... Gregor Geannatini (?), one of the Italian authors of this Strategy of Tension... came to America in 1961 to lecture at the Naval War College on techniques and possibilities of a coup d'état in Europe. In March 1962 the Joint Chiefs of Staff prepared their own documents developing Geannatini's strategy. This was Operation Northwoods... The plan... called for innocent people to be shot on American streets. (00:45:05)”
Peter Dale Scott (2007)  [1]

Paranoid Ideation of Power Structures

Scott mentions repeatedly the paranoid exaggeration of the opponents strength and home countries' weakness resulting in ever increasing budgets for the bureaucracies furthering this misrepresentation of reality. Paranoid ideation is part of malignant Narcissism (as defined by Kernberg) and Psychopathy - personality disorders over represented in positions of power. [2]

This is not only true for the security state (once concerning Communism and terrorist attacks) but also for health departments, scientific research (manipulated by grants and a rigged peer review process) and pharma industry concerning the so called War on Drugs, War on Epidemics and the ideology of climate change. These paranoid ideations serve to rationalize ("legitimize", i.e. making excuses for) implementing parallel power structures, as detailed in Scotts work.


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