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Concept.png Psychopathy 
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Not to be confused with sociopathy

Psychopathy is the lack of a conscience.[1] This is not to say that they necessarily behave completely selfishly, since other behavior patterns can be learned. However, unselfish behaviour does not come naturally to psychopaths, and requires more conscious effort.


Psychopaths are thought to make up as much as roughly 1 percent of the general populace and up to 25 percent of the prison population.[2] This is pretty easily tested, but the entire phenomenon is not given much attention and brought into the public consciousness much.

There is considerable evidence that psychopaths are over represented in management positions, that is to say that modern hierarchies are disproportionately headed up by psychopaths.[3][4]

Kernberg, in a lecture about malignant narcissism notes, that:

“... on the surface they don't show to be that ill. Except that they are individuals with unusual needs of extreme grandiosity , extreme aggression, extreme antisocial features and extreme paranoid orientation.

We find such persons very often in leadership positions of organizations or political systems, particularly at times when there are natural sharp divisions in the social body between social in-group and out-group and political ideologies or parties... that reflect that in their ideological formation... and they - under such turbulence, situations - they become the leader of an extreme group that exerts its superiority, the need to fight its enemies - they lead the group taking on a function... a direction... of the group towards triumph and exploiting the paranoid nature of the ideology showing an extremely aggressive behavior and total absence of any guilt feelings regarding the attack of the enemy [sic].

So, the search for the security of triumph, the security of the attack on the enemy, the suspicion of the danger of the enemy and the ruthlessness and total abandonment of moral constraints makes them ideal leader [sic] for such a regressed social situation.

So they become very dangerous leaders of institutions... school systems... hospital systems... political parties... or nations.

So... they don't become ordinary dictators - but they tend to establish totalitarian systems. They have to be loved... and feared at the same time, not just loved! They are not just narcissists who have to be admired and they are happy. They have to be loved because they are superior and the followers have to be afraid of them.

We have evidence that the personality of Stalin and of Hitler [...] presented these four features. [...] And, of course to these days [sic] we have such leaders all over the world... Idi Amin - nice illustration in Africa... and so on... and... ehm... we don't have to look very far... to find they today... eh... examples of that. [laughter].”
 (2017)  [5]


Psychopathy is of great importance to the deep state, as it renders people more predictable. People who are totally selfish are also totally controllable by a suitable combination of threats and rewards. By contrast, people with a conscience are less likely to be so manipulated and are more emotionally robust. In the case of Tony Blair for example - lying to start a war in which over 1,000,000 people were killed could reasonably be expected to create psychological problems (i.e. at least sleepless nights or remorse). This does not seem to be an issue for Mr. Blair, whose only semblances of remorse are perfunctory in the extreme.


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Sociopathy is the learned behavior of emulating psychopaths.


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