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BornToby Daniel Moorsom Young
17 October 1963
Buckinghamshire, UK
Alma materBrasenose College, Oxford, Trinity College (Cambridge), Harvard University
SpouseCaroline Bondy
Founder ofDaily Sceptic
Member ofJeffrey Epstein/Black book
RelativesGaia Young
British journalist and Director of the New Schools Network,

Employment.png Member of the Board

In office
2 January 2018 - 9 January 2018
EmployerOffice for Students

Toby Daniel Moorsom Young[1] is a British journalist and Director of the New Schools Network, a free schools charity.

Deep state connections

Toby Young lived in New York from 1995-2000, during which time he "bumped into" Ghislaine Maxwell "occasionally at parties", which is his explanation of how his name and address were in Epstein's Black Book.[2] He wrote How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, an account of his "stint" in New York as a contributing editor at Vanity Fair magazine, and a columnist at The Spectator.

In a 2018 article for the Spectator, Young described how he was on a junket to Israel financed by Bicom — the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre:

I’ve been fanatically pro-Israel since falling in love with the place aged 17...I felt as if Israel and the wonderful example of its founders had saved me and I swore an oath that I would always defend the country from its detractors. In the 37 years since, I have done my best to keep that promise and been back several times to renew my vows.[3]


Toby Young was a judge in seasons five and six of the television show Top Chef[4] and co-founded the West London Free School.[5]

In early January 2018, Young was announced as a non-executive Director on the board of the Office for Students. He resigned from the OfS board on 9 January 2018.[6]

Lockdown Sceptics

Full article: Daily Sceptic
Daily Sceptic.svg

In March 2020, Young started the website Lockdown Sceptics. In May he wrote Coronavirus has turned us into a nation of scaredy-cats, which began by observing that "Britons are more frightened of coronavirus than anyone else in the world."[7] Lockdown Sceptics was a popular website among COVID dissidents. In 2022, after most nations had abandoned COVID lockdowns it was renamed The Daily Sceptic.

His half-sister Gaia Young, died in 2021 aged 25 after taking two Covid jabs, officially "of a heatstroke". She died in July, but the case only was published in corporate media in September. Conspicuously, Toby Young refused to make any connection to the jabs.[8]

Social media

Toby Young has come under criticism for comments he made on Twitter, most of which were deleted upon his appointment to the Board of the Office for Students. Young claimed to have posted more than 56,000 tweets, of which 8,439 remain.[9]

These included what a London Evening Standard editorial called "an obsession with commenting on the anatomy of women in the public eye".[10] He referred on Twitter to the cleavage of unnamed female MPs sitting behind Ed Miliband in the Commons in 2011 and 2012. When later challenged by Stella Creasy on Newsnight he said of the second such incident: "It wasn’t my proudest moment".[11][12] Other remarks included homophobic slurs and a claim that George Clooney is gay.[13] He has expressed remorse for his "politically incorrect" tweets.[14]

Young is said to have personally edited his own Wikipedia page over 280 times in the last decade.[15][16]

Office for Students

Within days of his OfS appointment, a petition calling for the sacking of Toby Young had achieved over 200,000 signatures.[17]

Facebook critique

A critique of Toby Young appeared on ‘’Facebook’’:

”Clearly the man is a 54 year old going on 12! An immature prat who is still rebelling against his dead father, a sociologist and Labour peer (Michael Young, Baron Young of Dartington).
“Toby did badly at school ( one 'O' level) and then found his way into Oxford University by mistake. He had poor 'A' level results and apparently failed an interview for a place. However, he received an acceptance letter by mistake. With a nudge to the university from daddy, he found his way in.
”He has failed at a number of ill-considered projects and now shows off how right-wing he is by insulting and denigrating people from a wide range of backgrounds - the working class in general; women and the disabled in particular.
”Is this the best candidate for overseeing students? He certainly meets the 'standard' set by other Tories in position of power.”[18]

Labour urges Young's removal

Shadow ministers Dawn Butler and Angela Rayner accused free schools advocate of misogyny in a letter addressed to Theresa May urging his removal from Office for Students:

“The virulence of Mr Young’s misogyny is disturbing; furthermore, he has offered no apology for his remarks,” they wrote. “Instead, Mr Young has said that it would be a ‘shame if people who have said controversial things in the past, or who hold heterodox opinions, are prohibited from serving on public bodies’.”

They said Young claimed to be a “supporter of women’s rights and LGBT rights” after coming under fire this week, but that his “historical comments beg to differ”.[19]

BBC on Twitter

On 9 January 2018, the BBC's Nick Robinson tweeted:

Toby Young's past has caught up with him. He has resigned from the board of the Office for Students after more than 200,000 people signed a petition calling for him to go.[20]


Event Participated in

National Conservative Conference15 May 202317 May 2023London
United Kingdom
A 2023 conference on Conservativism
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