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(Prime Minister)
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StartApril 4, 1721
Leader ofUK
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
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Leader of the UKBoss of the United Kingdom/Deputy Prime Minister.

The UK Prime Minister is the official head of the UK Government.

Official narrative

Reflecting the will of the people... representative democracy, party politics etc.


The UK Deep state has a long history of involvement in the electoral process and of obstructing certain policies while promoting others. In the 1970s, Clockwork Orange was carried out against the Harold Wilson administration. Brian Crozier, in his memoirs, revealed the existence of Shield, a group expressly formed to help in Margaret Thatcher's bid to become prime minister. The Integrity Initiative re-posted anti-Corbyn tweets.

Bilderberg Attendance

From 1963 - 2016, all UK Prime Ministers except for John Major were Bilderberg guests. At least one, Tony Blair, lied to the UK parliament in an effort to hide his attendance. UK Prime Ministers generally attend before becoming party leader.

Before becoming Party Leader

As UK Prime Minister

As ex-UK Prime Minister

Never attended

Cultural references

The first chapter of the sixth book of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series is set in the office of the UK Prime Minister. Entitled "The Other Minister", it clarifies that the UK PM, far from the being the top of the power structure, actually takes orders from the Ministry of Magic. As top of the publicly visible part, his role includes concealing the existence of his superiors from the "muggles".[2]


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Rishi Sunak25 October 2022
Liz Truss6 September 202225 October 2022
Boris Johnson24 July 20196 September 2022
Theresa May13 July 201624 July 2019
David Cameron11 May 201013 July 2016
Gordon Brown27 June 200711 May 2010
Tony Blair2 May 199727 June 2007resigned
Margaret Thatcher4 May 197928 November 1990Appointed after Le Cercle's intervention, possibly through the Shield committee.
James Callaghan5 April 19764 May 1979
Harold Wilson4 March 19745 April 1976
Edward Heath19 June 19704 March 1974
Harold Wilson16 October 196419 June 1970
Alec Douglas-Home19 October 196316 October 1964
Winston Churchill26 October 19516 April 1955
Clement Attlee26 July 194526 October 1951
Winston Churchill10 May 194026 July 1945
Neville Chamberlain28 May 193710 May 1940
Stanley Baldwin7 June 193528 May 1937
Ramsay MacDonald5 June 19297 June 1935
Stanley Baldwin4 November 19245 June 1929
Ramsay MacDonald22 January 19244 November 1924
Stanley Baldwin23 May 192316 January 1924
Andrew Bonar Law23 October 192222 May 1923
David Lloyd George6 December 191619 October 1922
Herbert Asquith5 April 19085 December 1916
Henry Campbell-Bannerman5 December 19053 April 1908
Arthur Balfour11 July 19025 December 1905
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil25 June 189511 July 1902
Archibald Primrose5 March 189422 June 1895
William Gladstone15 August 18922 March 1894
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil25 July 188611 August 1892
William Gladstone1 February 188620 July 1886
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil23 June 188528 January 1886
William Gladstone23 April 18809 June 1885
Benjamin Disraeli20 February 187421 April 1880
William Gladstone3 December 186817 February 1874
Benjamin Disraeli27 February 18681 December 1868
Edward Smith-Stanley28 June 186627 February 1868
John Russell (UK PM)29 October 186528 June 1866
Henry John Temple12 June 185918 October 1865
Edward Smith-Stanley20 February 185811 June 1859
Henry John Temple6 February 185519 February 1858
George Hamilton-Gordon19 December 185230 January 1855
Edward Smith-Stanley23 February 185219 December 1852
John Russell (UK PM)30 June 184623 February 1852
Robert Peel30 August 184129 June 1846
Robert Peel10 December 18348 April 1835
William Pitt the Younger10 May 180423 January 1806
William Pitt the Younger19 December 17831 January 1801
William Pitt the Elder30 July 176614 October 1768


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