US-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce

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TypeChamber of Commerce
InterestsOil in the Caspian Sea, foiling Russia
Membership• James Baker III
• Zbigniew Brzezinski
• Henry Kissinger
• Brent Scowcroft
• John Sununu
• John Roberts
• T. Don Stacy
• James A. Baker IV
• Reza Vaziri
• Richard Armitage
• Lloyd Bentsen
• Richard N. Perle
• Dick Cheney
• Shapoor Ansari
• Halim Atesh
• Tim Cejka
• Farhad Azima
• Betty Blair
• Stanley Escudero
• Michael Griffin
• Jahangir Hajiyev
• Arne Holhjem
• Greg Saunders
• Diana Sedney
• Gregory K. Williams
• Farhad Azima
• Howard Chase
• Don Condon
• Nader Fahm
• Andrew Fawthrop
• Mike Kostiw
• David Sambrooks
• Abdullah Akyuz
• Ilham Aliyev
• Graham Allison
• Sam Brownback
• Frank Henke
• Richard Moncrief
• Hafiz Pashayev
• Joseph R. Pitts
• Frank Verrastro
• Stephen Robertson
• Nancy Tuomey
• Mahir Iskender
• Taleh Ziyadov
• Bryan Lopp
• Greg Saunders
• Bill Delahunt
• Orit Frenkel

The United States – Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (USACC) is a lobbying group aiming to develop long-term business ties between the firms in the United States and Azerbaijan and attract US investment to Azerbaijan Republic.

This business is mainly oil and gas, and the US regards Azerbaijan and the access to the Caspian Sea basin petroleum resources as an immense strategic prize.

The members are many of the heavy hitters in the US deep state, giving it big political clout.

USACC has been the driving force behind one of the world's longest oil pipelines, Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (branching off Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum) gas pipeline, operational today.