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Ukrainian death squads, like all units of similar kind trained by the United States, carry out extrajudicial killings and torture.

Ukrainian death squads have mostly been referred to as (irregular) "right-wing" militias by the commercially-controlled media, or something akin to that.[1] Since their genesis in 2014, they have strongly integrated with the regular troops of Ukraine.[2]

It is known that foreign advisors have trained them; the training most likely included counterinsurgency tactics, possibly the application of torture techniques, and these advisors must then have turned a blind eye to ongoing or resulting war crimes.

Some members of these groups may not have taken part in criminal activity and fought as regular soldiers, however, almost every member of these groups, as well as to some extent the Ukrainian military at large, must have known that crimes of the kind (extrajudicial killings and torture) were carried out.

Events in Ukraine since 2014 have to be seen in connection with Project AERODYNAMIC.



Page nameDescription
Aidar Battalion
Azov BattalionThe not be talked about neo-nazi army battalion Ukraine used to fight against the Russian military in the Donbass and Ukraine. Its existence is highly talked down in western media, even though the UN accused them multiple times of war crimes, including electrocuting and raping men.
Donbas Battalion
Right Sector


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Death squad“So what the US military advisors do, is to teach the people in the country how to organize themselves, and how to carry out missions, and how to keep their mouths shut about missions, and how to be more "professional" in the jobs that the ingenious troops want to carry out anyway. [...] It wasn't quite that the American advisors said thou shall create a death squad and you gonna report to me, no. What they said was: here is how to organize yourself, to conduct missions and don't report to me, because I don't want to know it.”Christopher Simpson2014


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