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Place.png West Africa
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Global drug trade

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the drug trade in West Africa rapidly expanded.[citation needed] West Africa is on a drug traffic route for cocaine from South America. This is an alternative route to the standard route used by the CIA in its drug trafficking. The UNODC reported in 2019 that "at least 50 tons of cocaine from the Andean countries are transiting West Africa every year".[1]

In 2019, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde reported record cocaine busts.[2]


Nation states

Nation stateDescription
BeninFrench speaking country in West Africa.
Burkina FasoAfrican country; formely part of the French Empire.
CameroonWest African state
Cape VerdeAfrican island nation. Independence from Portugal in 1975.
Côte d'IvoireThe Ivory Coast.
GabonFrench speaking country on the west coast of Africa.
GambiaThe smallest country in mainland Africa.
GhanaFormerly known as the "Gold Coast", Ghana has one of the most stable governments in Africa. A member of the African Union and the Commonwealth of Nations
GuineaFrench speaking country in West Africa.
Guinea-BissauPortuguese ex-colony "narco-state" in West Africa.
MaliFormer French colony in West Africa
MauritaniaAfrican country that banned slavery in 2007.
NigeriaA populous, highly oil/gas rich nation in Africa.
Sierra LeoneA global cocaine trafficking hub in West Africa
TogoSmall country in West Africa.
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