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In USA, alcohol was prohibited, which fuelled the growth of organized crime. In Europe, Adolf Hitler was elected as leader of Weimar Germany.

The 1920s is sometimes termed the 'Roaring Twenties' in reference to the excitement and dynamism of the wealthy citizens of US and Europe. It saw a growth in the use of technologies such as motorized transport, telephones, motion pictures, radio, electricity and aviation.

Growth of organized crime in US

Alcohol prohibition greatly fuelled the growth of organized crime in USA.[citation needed] After it proved ineffective, the US government began to poison alcohol, a policy which is estimated by some to have killed around 10,000 people.[1]

Chatham House

In the UK, the Chatham House think tank was established. Their rules about secrecy were to become a model for other deep state milieux.

Rise of Adolf Hitler

1923 saw a dramatic hyperinflation in Weimar Germany which saw many people lose their life savings. Adolf Hitler staged a coup in Munich but was unsuccessful. However, released from jail the next year his National Socialist party rose in popularity.