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Alcohol was prohibited in 1920, a law which would be in effect for 13 years.


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On Janury 17, 1920, the consumption and production of alcohol was banned in USA. This was ostensibly an effort to tackle social problems stemming from alcohol consumption. In fact, it seems to have been more about protecting the profits of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil. It was a boon to organised crime in USA - net alcohol consumption was reduced little if at all, creating a highly profitable illegal business opportunity. In this way, it was a foreshadowing of Richard Nixon's deceitful "War on Drugs" of the 1970s, which fuelled the growth of deep state groups globally.

Chatham House

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The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) was founded in 1920 as the 'Institute of International Affairs' following a meeting at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference and was to become an important deep state milieu. The first chairman of Chatham House was Robert Cecil, 1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood, while Lionel Curtis served as honorary secretary.

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