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In the 1910s, World War I claimed tens of millions of lives. In USA, the money trust seized control of the money supply through the Federal Reserve Act, a monopoly which they control to this day.

The 1910s saw two events of lasting significance in the realm of deep politics:- the First World War and the creation of the Federal Reserve.

UK Deep state

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Winston Churchill and F. E. Smith founded The Other Club.

World War I

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World War I concluded a military build up by the nations of Europe, and killed tens of millions of people. Blamed on an assassination by the "lone nut" Gavrilo Princip, this was a shock to ideas of human "progress". France introduced the modern passport system under the pretense that the system was designed to protect the country from German spooks. The real purpose was to prevent Frenchmen from leaving the country to avoid fighing.[1]


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The UK Deep state had planned a war in Europe for many years. Over a century after its conclusion, the real origins of the war remain shrouded in mystery, illustrating how important, deep political truths can remain hidden for decades or even longer.

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