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Concept.png Big Tech/Lobbyist
People that lobby for more political power for big tech companies. Often in secrecy, but also in public. Typically, for companies that already have gathered such enormous amounts of data and political power to (mis)use it, you wonder why…

Lobbyists for big tech.


"Big Tech’s new narrative relies on publicly supporting new rules, but only soft rules, shaped by themselves. This is then combined with attempts to reframe regulation as a threat, not to their own profits but to SMEs and consumers. The final component is stoking up geopolitical fears by warning that regulation will cause Europe to fall behind the United States and, above all, China. Underlying this narrative is still the belief that regulation stifles innovation.

Big Tech’s lobbying also relies on its funding of a wide network of third parties, including think tanks, companies and startup associations and law and economic consultancies to push through its messages. These links are often not disclosed, obfuscating potential biases and conflicts of interest".[1]


Full article: Big tech

Big tech lobbyists typically try to get politicians to make laws that make it easier to make their big tech company more profit.



Page nameDescription
BruegelEU-aligned think tank that is accused of lobbying for technocratic big tech venture corporations.
Centre for European Policy StudiesCorporate think-tank to influence EU policy
Friends of Europelobby group
Bill GatesMulti-billionaire computer businessman, was "very close" to Epstein, Pushing a mass vaccination agenda in 2021. Called a Napoleon and drug trafficker repeatedly caught by the court of Washington D.C in the early 2000s.
German Marshall FundAccording to whistleblower Udo Ulfkotte, a CIA front group. Despite the 'German' in its name, it is a fully US/CIA-controlled operation, mainly to maintain a network of transatlantic European politicians and journalists. Hugely influential behind the scenes.
Elon MuskUS businessman, Paypal Mafia underboss, big tech kingpin, WEF YGL billionaire
Peter ThielBillionaire financier, Bilderberger
Transatlantic Policy Networksecretive lobby group
Mark ZuckerbergNominally in charge of Facebook, a rebranding of LifeLog
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