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A list of Austrian Bilderberg participants
Paul AchleitnerAustria28 September 1956Austrian banker businessman with deep state connections.
Hannes AndroschAustria18 April 1938Former Bilderberg Steering committee member, politician, banker, businessman
Heribert ApfalterAustria22 September 192526 August 1987Austrian businessman who attended the 1979 Bilderberg. Sold weapons to Iran and Iraq. His sudden death in 1987 was surrounded by rumors of foul play.
Martin BartensteinAustria3 June 1953Double Bilderberg Austrian businessman and politician
Erich BeckerAustria5 October 1941Austrian Bilderberg businessman
René BenkoAustria20 May 1977Austrian billionaire businessman who attended the 2015-2017 Bilderbergs
Peter Brabeck-LetmatheAustria13 November 1944Nestlé executive who attended the 2011 Bilderberg. Wants to privatize and charge for all water in the world.
Tassilo BroesigkeAustria8 June 19199 September 2003Made Austrian Court of Audit/President the year after attending the 1979 Bilderberg
Oscar BronnerAustria14 January 1943Attended all Bilderbergs from 2005 to 2015
Erhard BusekAustria25 March 1941Attended the 1981 Bilderberg as chairman of the Vienna’s People’s Party. Later Vice-Chancellor of Austria for 4 years. Chairman of European Forum Alpbach.
Willibald CernkoAustria7 July 1956Austrian banker
Herbert CordtAustria12 January 1947"In attendance" at the Bilderberg as an Economic Advisor to the Federal Minister of Finance
Karl CzernetzAustria12 February 19103 August 1978Austrian politician regarded as a "party ideologist" of the Social Democratic Party of Austria. Attended the 1963 and 1969 Bilderberg conferences.
Alfred DallingerAustria7 November 192623 February 1989Austrian politician, Bilderberg 1979, died in a small plane crash in 1989
Alfons DalmaCroatia
26 May 191928 July 1999Croatian journalist in the WW2 fascist Ustaša goverment. After the war, he changed his name and resettled in Austria, and ]with astonishing ease became a prominent journalist and editor. Cold warrior, possibly spook.
N. Dreihann-HoleniaAustriaUnknown "in attendance" at the 1980 Bilderberg
Andrea EckerAustria1962Austrian lawyer who attended the 2017 Bilderberg
Brigitte EdererAustria27 February 1956Negotiated Austria's accession to the European Union in 1994. Board of Siemens AG.
Werner FaymannAustria4 May 1960Austrian chancellor for 7.5 years
Heinz FischerAustria9 October 1938President of Austria for 12 years. 3 Bilderberg
Franz FischlerAustria23 September 1946Single Bilderberg Austrian politician. European Forum Alpbach. Trilateral Commission.
Alfred GusenbauerAustria8 February 1960Club de Madrid, quad Bilderberger Austrian politician
Erich HampelAustria25 February 1951Bilderberger banker
Edeltraud Hanappi-EggerAustria1964Expert on Gender and Diversity in management
Helmut HascheckAustria3 October 193031 March 1993Austrian banker who wrote a working paper on Policy Toward Trade And Protectionism for the 1987 Bilderberg. Also attended the 1988 Bilderberg.
Hans Peter HaselsteinerAustria1 February 1944Liberal Austrian industrialist and politician
Thomas Heine-GeldernAustria19 August 1951Austrian single Bilderberger
Wolfgang HesounAustria15 February 1960Director of Siemens Austria, attended the 2015 Bilderberg
Gerald HintereggerAustria12 November 192817 February 2013Single Bilderberg Austrian diplomat.
Friedrich HoessAustria7 October 19325 January 2007Austrian diplomat
Hans IglerAustria29 July 19205 May 2010Austrian economist and politician. Bilderberg Steering committee
Peter JankowitschAustria10 July 1933One of the closest collaborators of Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, ex-Bilderberg Steering committee
Dietrich KarnerAustria1939Austrian insurance executive who attended the 1996 Bilderberg meeting.
Diemut KastnerAustriaWorked for the Public Relations Department of Creditanstalt-Bankverein. "In attendance" at the 1988 and 1999 Bilderbergs
Thomas KlestilAustria4 November 19324 November 1932President of Austria 4 years after attending the 1988 Bilderberg
Max KothbauerAustria30 March 1950Austrian economist and banker. Former Bilderberg Steering committee.
Josef KrainerAustria26 August 193030 December 2016Austrian conservative (ÖVP) politician and Governor of Styria who attended the 1989 Bilderberg meeting.
Bruno KreiskyAustria22 January 191129 July 1990Single Bilderberger Austrian Chancellor
Erwin LancAustria17 May 1930Attended the 1979 Bilderberg as Austria/Minister of Interior
Franz LeibenfrostAustria4 April 1938Austrian business executive also working in the United States.
Wolfgang LeitnerAustria27 March 1953Austrian billionaire businessman. Started pharma company with fellow Bilderberger and minister for economy Martin Bartenstein.
Paul LendvaiAustria24 August 1929Austrian Triple Bilderberger academic
Peter LöscherAustria17 September 1957Big pharma Bilderberger
Alexander MaculanAustria
Beate Meinl-ReisingerAustria25 April 1978
Peter MitterbauerAustria14 November 1942Austrian TLC businessman, Bilderberg/1997
Fritz MoldenAustria8 April 192411 January 2014Austrian journalist, publisher, diplomat who attended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Ewald NowotnyAustria28 June 1944Austrian politician and central banker
Anton OsondAustria27 April 1924Obscure Austrian banker and Bilderberger.
Willibald PahrAustria5 June 1930Single Bilderberg Austrian politcian
Wolfgang PetritschAustria26 August 1947High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Close to Bruno Kreisky.
Hugo PortischAustria19 February 1927Austrian quad Bilderberger
Thomas PrinzhornAustria5 March 1943Austrian billionaire, businessman and politician
Claus RaidlAustria6 November 1942Bilderberg/2001. Chairman of the General Council of the the Austrian National Bank 2008-2018. Vice President of the European Forum Alpbach since 2012.
Gerhard RandaAustria13 September 1944Austrian Bilderberg banker
Pamela Rendi-WagnerAustria7 May 1971Austrian physician and vaccine expert catapulted to the Chairwoman of the Austrian Social Democratic Party (SPÖ) since November 2018. Bilderberg 2018.
Gerhard RoissAustria1952Austrian businessman
Walter RothensteinerAustria7 March 1953Austrian Bilderberg banker
Richard SchenzAustria25 January 1940Austrian Bilderberger businessman
Andreas SchiederAustria16 April 1969
Guido Schmidt-ChiariAustria13 September 193221 August 2016Austrian financier. CEO of Creditanstalt. Trilateral Commission. Bilderberg 1988 and 1991
Rudolf ScholtenAustria3 November 1955Austrian politician on the Bilderberg Steering committee
Wolfgang SchüsselAustria7 June 1945
Hans Seidel (Austrian)Austria14 October 19221 September 2015Single Bilderberger Austrian economist
Karl SeveldaAustria31 January 1950Austrian banker. CEO of Raiffeisen Bank International 2013 to 2017.
Ludwig SteinerAustria14 April 192228 June 2015Austrian politician
Josef TausAustria8 February 1933Bilderberger, European Round Table of Industrialists
Andreas TreichlAustria16 June 1952Second generation Bilderberger
Heinrich TreichlAustria31 July 19132 November 2014Austrian banker
Gertrude Trumpel-GugerellAustria11 November 1952Austrian central banker
Friedrich VerzetnitschAustria22 May 1945
Franz VranitzkyAustria4 October 1937Chancellor of Austria, central banker, Bilderberg Steering committee
George WeidenfeldAustria
13 September 191920 January 2016Bilderberger Member of the House of Lords whose name appeared in Jeffrey Epstein's Black book
Hermann WithalmAustria21 April 191219 August 2003
Gerhard ZeilerAustria20 July 1955CEO of the pan-European broadcast group RTL
Georg Zimmer-LehmannAustria20 January 191715 April 1998Austrian financier with a quarter century long Bilderberg habit
Norbert ZimmermannAustria13 April 1947Austrian businessman