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Group.png Brooklyn College  
MottoNil sine magno labore
("Nothing without great effort")
Other nameBulldogs


Alumni on Wikispooks

Alan Dershowitz1 September 1938USLawyer
Deep state operative
A supporter of torture and legal defender of Jeffrey Epstein
Leonard Garment11 May 192413 July 2013Lawyer
Gertrude Himmelfarb8 August 192230 December 2019USHistorian
US neocon historian and cultural critic. Marries neocon godfather Irving Kristol, mother of William Kristol
Donald Kagan1 May 1932USAcademic
Joseph KasputysSpook
A 9-11 connected multimillionaire
Victor Lasky7 January 191822 February 1990Journalist
Important figure in the CIA's Operation Mockingbird. Lasky professed the greatest political "crime of the century" was not the Watergate scandal, but the "theft" of the 1960 Presidential election.
Mark LowenthalUSSpookOne of the key coordinators of the WMD phony intelligence before Iraq invasion in 2003
Adolf Nussbaumer10 January 192531 October 2009USMathematicianWashington University professor emeritus of mathematics
Harvey Pitt28 February 1945U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission chairman during Enron Scandal; did not investigate millions of dollars made due to "put options" placed on United, and American Airlines just prior to Sept. 11, 2001.
Dennis Prager2 August 1948USTalk show
American conservative radio talk show host, founder of PragerU.
Bernie Sanders8 September 1941Politician
United States Senator
US Senator from Vermont and Democratic Party presidential candidate in several elections
Claire Sterling21 October 191917 June 1995Deep state operative
"Terror expert"
US "terror expert" who promoted the "War on Terror"
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